So why did I do it? I did it because there is absolutely no need for ANY gun in 2017 and beyond to have an external hammer. This is what I call the Age of The Striker Fired Pistol. And since this is The Age of The Striker Fired Pistol it’s only fitting that there be a change in the way we observe the inevitable change regarding the Carry Conditions of such pistols (Smith and Wesson M&P, Ruger American Pistol, CZ P-07, Canik ect.). The GLOCK pistol is the standard to which ALL polymer framed striker fired pistols are judged. 


And with that being said, the conditions of carry for The Striker Fired Pistols will be based off of the GLOCK pistols. So how did it all start? It started with the Honorable Colonel Jeff Cooper and his designated Carry Condition around the 1911 platform which are as follows:


  • Condition Four: Chamber empty, no magazine, hammer down.

  • Condition Three: Chamber empty, full magazine, hammer down.

  • Condition Two: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer down.

  • Condition One: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety on.

  • Condition Zero: Round chambered, full magazine, hammer cocked, safety off.


But the time of 1911 has passed. And for good reason. The 1911 is neither time, production or cost efficient. Why? Because it was made to made by hand NOT by machine. With that being said the 1911 is what "Spinners" (revolver) were to the 1911 when the 1911 was prominent. Me being the Explorer that I am, that change came from VODA (me) because of my uncanny tendency to explore more why most people simply regurgitate the same old same information. So with that being said the "VODA STANDARD | STRIKER CONDITIONS OF READINESS" are as follows:


  • Condition 0: Nothing in magazine, nothing in chamber.

  • Condition 1: Nothing in magazine, one round in chamber.

  • Condition 2: Full magazine, one in chamber.

  • Condition 3: Full magazine, nothing in chamber.

  • Condition 4: TRIGGER FREEZE™ nothing in chamber, trigger pressed, full magazine inserted.


Keep in mind that many polymer framed guns do have a GLOCK-like trigger in which the trigger stays depressed in the rearward position when dry-fired. So for firearms such as these there will be no "Condition 4: TRIGGER FREEZE™ nothing in chamber, trigger pressed, full magazine inserted". However Carry Conditions 0-3 will and can be applied. This VODA Proprietary Standard was made available for all the people that needed reassurance on how to create an improvised external safety for GLOCK and GLOCK-like pistols.



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