King General .357 himself


This is a follow up article to the article entitled: “EXCLUSIVE: PREPPING WITH BLACKPACKERZ™”: which can be found at the following link (click the link):






I thought it would be a great idea if showed you Ladies and Gentlemen some stippling work that King General .357 of BLACKPACKERZ™ and President of Urban Sharp Shooter Atlanta GA., provided for me on my GLOCK. 


The quality of the work that he did in the little bit of time allowed was of the highest quality! The most important thing that I asked him to do was to stippling the "braking" portion of my GLOCK pistol. I have to say it is just as more comfortable as it is more aggressive! So for that I give a SPECIAL THANKS to him [King General .357] for that!

A brief Introduction to Firearm Stempling From King General .357


If you would like to have any work done on your pistol or any other weapon system please feel free to email me at onered.voda@gmail.com so that I may put you in direct contact with my Brother! Also included in this article is him shooting my E.D.A./E.C.K. shooting platform that I kinda invented. In doing so he gave his initial thoughts on it (and I appreciate that!).

King General .357 of BLACKPACKERZ™ and President of Urban Sharp Shooters Atlanta GA. shooting the E.D.A./E.C.K. Shooting Platform


So why stipple? Not that I didn't know of it before, but stippling your firearm will increase your Fight-Efficiency™. stippling allows for increased grip and increased control and general manipulation of the weapon system. The results of processing a firearm to render this tacky texture really come into play when your hands are wet (water, blood, mud).


But this should be just good sense to see the positives of this [stippling]. However, one potential delimitation of stippling involves the abuse it may yield on your clothing items. Remember the more aggressive the texture the more rubbing it does on you and your article of clothing - so just keep that in mind.

 End result of King General .357 stippling work (yes I will be back for you to finish it!)



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