So folks, there you have it. I want to give a Special Thanks to the Atlanta Urban Sharp Shooters President "King General .357"; and I would love to give a Special Thanks to "Sly" CEO of BLACKPACKERS (stay tuned you will hear from him in the next article). The reason why I am thank them is because it takes special people to not only keep an open mind but to also take part of the journey of exploration when it comes to Personal Protection Solutions both new and old. 


Remember bigotry will cloud the mind and a closed mind with surely decay. We have found that the system is very robust and it work - a little too good! So with that being said and for reasons that we will keep to ourselves, we will keep the true techniques of the E.D.A./E.C.K. as a SECRET GUN-FIGHTING ART that only the INITIATED can obtain.

This is not my decision, as I simply agreed to it as my Brothers where right in their assessment regarding who can learn.


To my Brothers and every VODA Client and Fan out there I love you and remember M.A.R.S..





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