In the Gun Game - VODA (yeah I'm a Renegade - a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.)


My message to the "Gun Community" is a very simply message.


"Just because I own firearms doesn’t mean that I want to be a part of whatever it is that you people do. I am my own PERSON with my own ideas and my own positions. If I choose to talk to certain people that may identify themselves as being a part of the "Gun Community" that’s my business and my business alone."


There is no rite of passage that I had to go through in order to own and operate firearms. Even more than that, the "Gun Community" was nowhere to be found when I had to smoke check any of the CONVICT’S I have had to smoke check over the years. In point of fact, it is the "Gun Community" that gives me the most grief about it. With that being said, there is hardly no one in the "Gun Community" can call anyone in the "Gun Community" to get them out of a jam if they were in a gun related incident situation.


See, I have my self-esteem and self-confidence in check so I don’t have to beg to be a part of any club, institution, or organization. So consequently, I don’t have to and will NEVER beg to sit at the table of the "Gun Community". Now some people may disagree with my position and to be quite honest I could give less than a damn and absolutely let than a fuck about if you agree with me or not. 

E.D.A./E.C.K. Grip


Reinstated: if the “Gun Community” was hanging off of a cliff and I had a pocket full of fucks – I wouldn't give it one. That’s right – I don’t give a fuck. I stand on my own, always have and always will. Now again, some people may take this is a negative way and that’s OK - do what you do; what you eat don't make me shit.


Moreover, I don’t have time for the endless politics, red tape, bureaucracy, commentary, speculators speculating, useless blackballing and other sucker shit that goes on in the Gun Game. My focus and only focus is training and increasing my own personal Fight-Efficiency™. And if someone what’s to join in on my endeavor and if I can help them, then that’s fine. Furthermore,  if some people what me to train with them. That’s cool. But make no mistake, just because I am willing to train with someone that doesn’t mean that I am going to hold hands with them and most certainly I’m not going to kiss their's or anyone’s else's ass just to be liked. if you ever think that you can jump off a roof with your neck in a noose - long drop.


So, to the “Gun Community” get over yourself or yourselves. This is one [I] guy that is not into the activity of dick riding, dick hopping, bandwagoning, falling victim to the mob effect, having excessive cognitive biases, and switching sides (playing the 50). I train and educate that it. I’m not a celebrity (even thought I am one) or anything of the like. I'm just a regular guy that sometimes does extraordinary things.

E.D.A./E.C.K. Grip


I REPRESENT MYSELF.  Don’t use me to attack anyone else. Don’t use my videos as “what not to do” as you don't know the premise of what I'm doing nor do you know what's going on in my mind as I do what I do. You don't know why I do what I do. Furthermore, I don’t make videos for you are anyone specifically. I make videos for myself and if you happen to want to watch feel free to do so. But VODA is a way for me to express myself as well as further my research into the Gun Game.


Wrapped up: I would start giving somewhat of a dam about the “Gun Community” when you people put something on my student loans. Until that day I don’t represent you, you or YOU, I'm doing me. I suggest you do you. VODA DOES WHAT IT DOES.



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