Bad-Ass Chinese Solider running the T97NSR rifle


If you know anything about me is this. I’m always seeking, always exploring and always watching. Hey the war in the sandbox is getting ready to come to a close and something else is on the horizon. That means drop the tan and embrace the green. And I for one have to say that it is a very sad state of affairs.


Why because we can somehow get money for war but we can't feed the poor right here in our own country. But none-the-less, when it comes to training, I would recommend seeking Jungle Warfare Training.  It is my premise that Urban Combat Training is reaching its peak. And like anything else in life things tend to go in cycles. For the Gun-Fighter and the Civilian Operator™ this is already understood.

French Teach American Jungle Survival - 82nd Airborne Division 


On the new horizon is Jungle Warfare Training. It is my position that is it more robust than Urban Combat Training. One reason for this is because Urban Combat Training tends to be more "streamlined". The definition for streamline is as provided by Google as:


Streamlined is defined as:

  • Design or provide with a form that presents very little resistance to a flow of air or water, increasing speed and ease of movement.

  • Make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

  • A line along which the flow of a moving fluid is least turbulent.


You get the idea. But what Jungle Warfare Training provides is a type of training that is not only more robust, but more dynamic and more applicable to the bifurcated chaos that tends to occur within combat situations that are unique to the Jungle. Moreover, it is my premise that there are at least three variables we as Civilian Operators™ and Gun-Fighters must train for:





Brazil Solders in the Rain-forest



The gun may not always be the answer. And this is something to think about. Quit simply it will give away your positioning. Even with a suppressor the animals will give you away. What makes the flock of birds fly away? The action of the weapon system slamming. For the bad guy that’s a single to trek in your direction. But how this relates to the urban environment is that dogs start barking! Remember their ears are way more sensitive to sound then ours!



The battles that occur in the Jungle are very different than the ones that the average Conceal Carrier will face. And 5 to 7 seconds seems to be the average length of time a gun-fight occurs for the Civilian Operator™ or Gun-Fighter. But within this environment, gun-fights are a little longer. Primarily because of the widely available cover and concealment that is available for both you and the bad guy(s).


When I sat down and took the time out to talk to Vietnam War vets they reported that: "Often times we couldn't see shit!" and they also reported: "At night it was hell - because you really couldn't see shit. If you made contact with the opposing side the most you would ever see is the flash signatures."


Now, this translate into the Urban Combat Theater because in many of the neighborhoods around the country and especially in the rural parts of the country if there is not light, you could very quickly find yourself in the condition of the Vietnam Vets that I talked to - not being able to see shit. This in combination with all of the technological advances we made as far a muzzle breaks and compensators this makes identifying the direction of the flash signature impossible in the mist of contact. 



Rain, hail, heat, humidity, insects, hills and uneven terrain, venous animals and poisonous plants, shortage or lack of medication. And for the women this could be hell because they bleed for a week every month. These variables and more are mentioned just to give you something to think about. Now I need you to understand there is no way to prepare for everything, so it would be in our best interest to train for the variables that we are most likely to encounter. 


This is important especially for the Civilian Operator™ and Gun-Fighter alike. And the reason for this is because more often than not we do not have a team and a sniper on over watch lol! We have to do the best with what we have while we have it. and it is my position that Jungle Training may more than likely give you the edge to survive in the case that "all hell breaks loose" in the hood.

 Indian Solider getting down in the jungle (they are one the best at this)


For the Civilian Operator™ and or the Gun-fighter this kind of training is again something to think about. There is so much out there in the world for you as a Shooter, Gun-Fighter or Civilian Operator™ to learn. Remember we are students not only of the gun but of violence. In being that it is my position that we should study as many training methodologies that there are out there so that we can be as well-rounded as possible.


Generally speaking you never know what kind of social pathology you may be encountering or that may just be right around the corner. I would also recommended taking the time out just as I did to talk to a Vietnam Vet, trust me there stories are incredible and you can learn a lot, just as I have.

Jungle Warfare Training, Part 2 -- 'Worst terrain'


25 infantry, the jungle warfare specialist





  • Jungle Warfare Training, Part 2 -- 'Worst terrain' -

  • 25 infantry, the jungle warfare specialist -

  • French Teach American Jungle Survival - 82nd Airborne Division -

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