I think he has Mental Health Issues - just my guess.


As you well know by now I'm extremely big on cognition. And today I'm sadden by the poor cognitive process of one Jim Fuller (whom many refer to as "Jim Full-of-Shit". Now understand something I'm not into making people look bad - people tend to do that all by themselves. And secondly, as a Sociologist I really do enjoy for lack of better terms "people watching". Yeah, that's right I just like to watch people! It's so fascinating to observe the human social dynamic, especially of a subject such as Jim Fuller.

Now, I'm a young PERSON age wise, but my mind is exceptionally old (Chicago will age you like dog years). But Jim Fuller is 60 plus years old. Strike One. He is engaging in some sort of internet beef. Strike Two. And he is also talking about things pertaining to me that many are perceiving as out right slander. Strike Three. But even more than that Jim Fuller whom started Rifle Dynamics is a Millionaire (or at least he should be) and it is shameful and a black eye on the firearm industry by engaging in all of this unwarranted social ruckus.

I find it repulsive that he or at least people he is affiliated with calls my phone at odd times in the evening calling me names but that's beside the point. Remember, you are the company you keep! However, let us examine Jim Fuller from a socio-pathological lens. The two variables I wish to address is his seemingly ethnocentrism and his lack of cultural relativity.

 Not to mention that Robert Segrest Jr. is a Member of the Klu Klux Klan

There is currently a report that has been filed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Ethnocentrism is defined as:


"The belief that your own cultural or ethnic group is superior to that of another.

And VODA is in fact a Non-Profit 501(c) that has its own culture (or counter-culture if you will) that is comprised of a very specific type of clientele. And the fact that you are  judging VODA based off of what you thinks/assumes what VODA does as opposed to what VODA actually displays a lack of cultural maturity on your part. This lack of developing cultural maturity is something that is magnified by his age: 60 plus?! At that age one should be able to understand that everyone is different, everyone may not agree and everyone will do something different. It is a devastating blow to his social creditability in the Gun Game.

The reason I say this is because, it demonstrates that he has not or will not seek to understand people, places and things that are/may be different that he. But then again, this the ethnocentricity displayed by Jeff fuller in indicative to the fact that he has suffered not one but two failed marriages. Now they say the third times a charm. So I'm glad the third one worked out. But it's still an ugly mark considering the times in which he grew up. During those times there was significantly lower divorce rates than what we have today. And that tells me something about Jim Fuller.

Good luck with your Internet Research endeavor - Samuel Hayes III is the reason why the NRA certification was pulled - Not because the NRA set out to look at me first. Whats with all the rats in the Gun Game & and I wonder who will Samuel Hayes III rat out next. IT COULD BE YOU!

But even more than that, Jim Fuller's public display of ethnocentricity today shows that he has not come to grasp the concept that there will be people different than you. It's sad and quite disheartening. Newsflash if no one has told you, you are not superior to anybody else. You are just like me, you put your pants on one leg at a time.

You can ask anyone that knows me, I don't care how well you shoot and I don't care in this case how well you manufacture weapon systems. If the cognition of the Operator is not in tack all of that simply doesn't matter. Remember as the great Louis Awerbuck (who is turning in his grave) stated (paraphrasing):


"You must have a brain behind the weapon system, it is the absolute criterion."


And the fact that it appears that you admire him, shows yet another disconnect in your cognition (cognitive dissonance).

There is no such thing as CCW in North Carolina as we only have CCH. And my CCH was not revoked as it is active until 2020. Hater, try, try again. Remember what happen to your friend last time - it drove him mad. Jim if you don't do anything in life - SAVE YOURSELF!

Another thing that I want to shed some light on is the lack of cultural relativity espoused by Jim Fuller. Again, let us first define cultural relativity which is:

The principle of regarding the beliefs, values, and practices of a culture from the viewpoint of that culture itself.

In short: "See me as I see me". And this statement goes out directly to Jim fuller. You simply cannot judge what I VODA/ Lucien R. Black™ does according to your standards or the industry standards. Why? Because what I'm doing does not follow the same premise as what The Industry has set forth. And when I say The Industry what I'm speaking directly in terms of what the NRA has put out.

Hey its not VODA's fault he committed suicide (never met him) - maybe he actually felt bad for lying to the public about VODA. It could cost you your Mental Health too! 

Instead, I would ask you would it have been more pertinent to personally call me not from a blocked number but from your own personal line to "pick my brain" just as many before you have done with great success. Now, what I mean by great success is that many obtained the opportunity to obtain what you have not; and that is a clear understanding into the fact that no one has been put in danger, that the firearms are actually clear, that there is no client has been shot in a session, that I have held all of the NRA certifications, that I taught conceal carry and had the finest program North Carolina has ever seen and so much more.

What I'm trying to say if I'm saying anything is that you simply cannot judge what I do based off your own understanding. I won't try to judge you and don't try to judge me. You have to observe VODA from the standpoint of VODA.

And one way to accomplish that is through P.I.E.:



Another way you can accomplish this is by having an open mind and an open heart. Allowing yourself to free of closed minded thinking. Obtaining the ability to express yourself freely, which is the hardest thing to do. Jim fuller, it is my position that you have been just as misinformed just as I have been misrepresented. And I would recommend as a consultant that takes the time out to reevaluate your position and reconsider your methods because bashing me, engaging in slander, sending hate mail talking negative and presenting me with ill-founded challenges will have no effect on me.

Know this:

I cannot be brought
I cannot be sold
I cannot be reasoned with
I cannot be pressured
I cannot be traded
I will not fear death

I will not crack

I will not bend

I will not break
I cannot be coerced

I will never sell out my brother, community and family
I don't share the same values, ethics or morals as you


With all of the open racism, death threats and people calling my phone from blocked numbers being spewed from Jim Fuller and his people, you must be crazy to think that I'm going to fly to the other side of the country to engage in a "simmunition match". Get real. I was born at night - just not last night.


I am VODA. I am everything and I am nothing. I am formless.



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