RAW: E.D.A/E.C.K. drill 1 explained 


Yes it is true, during the slow motion video for the E.D.A./E.C.K. drill, I did experience a hang up on the extraction of the firearm. This I will never deny. And I say this is a great thing because I always train for real world conditions as within the limitation of the environment that I'm in. The truth is, the occurrence clothing/weapon snags like is very common for both those that Conceal Carry and in some cases those that Open Carry. And if you can’t agree to that or ever had one happen to you – quite frankly you’re a liar.


SIMPLY PUT, hang ups happen (ITS WHAT YOU DO WHEN IT HAPPENS THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE), and the reason why I say this is because many of you only practice your draw and extraction in the comfort of your home and not the public eye experience it.  Remember nothing is perfect we are all human! Damn, I know I'm ONE of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME Personal Protection Consultants (G.O.A.T.) but even The Greatest of All Time Muhammad Ali lost a round, hell the Greatest of All Time boxer (my preference) “Iron” Mike Tyson (The Baddest Man on the Planet) lost a couple rounds. So miss me with the crap people are talking about.


However, the beauty of this extracts hang up in my case is that during the execution of the drill for the first time is that I was able to use Cybernetics to make modifications and adjustments on the fly. And that says a lot because I was able to successfully hit both targets as intended for the first time in one take, so that’s a big deal. See in real life, under combat conditions clothing snags are quite common. One reason for this is because you simply don’t know that the attack is coming and you may simply be caught of guard. And lets not forget the inexplicable (it just happened) no ones fault. And understand I am taking about the common everyday man which I am (I just happen to do extraordinary things on occasion).

E.D.A/E.C.K. Combat Speed 


Another thing that I would like to address is that fact that people are saying I swept myself. Which is not true. If you watch the video you will find that I did not in fact, and that there is a circular pattern/rhythm that I used. The drill called for an extract and draw, knife swipe, round to center mass, knife jab or knife anchor, shot to the face, engage secondary adversary.


It is my position that it’s a quite extraordinary combination. Very vicious but highly Fight-Efficiency™. Doing the drill for the first time I was speechless. And the reason for this is because I was taken aback by the speed and my own personal speed, dexterity and execution of the drill – and remember this was the first time this drill was execute while in the TRIAL PHASE. So after the knife I fired the first round, the target moved a little more than I anticipated and after the second knife sequence I took the second shot. I have to admit I was really in the zone! And no I was not getting my “Cowboy” on – save that for the CONVICTS!

RAW: E.D.A/E.C.K. slo-mo 


Now the most controversial aspect of the experience because it truly was an experience. The flyer. Many people for reason that are unknown to me (power of suggestion maybe) that I intentionally shot at the ceiling of the range. My question would be for what purpose does that serve? If I had poor weapon handling, wouldn’t I have had a fumble of some sore before I reached the conclusion of the drill or simply just stopped? Another question that I would like to ask is, "If I didn’t feel satisfied with the outcome of the drill why show it? In the age of digital editing we could have either edited or simply recorded another take and you [the public] would have never known anything about it.


Special Thanks all of the Followers of VODA from around the world! VODA loves you!


Now out of all fairness, the camera man advised against the release of the video, and I love him for his insight not only as a cameraman gifted in his craft but as a Shooter. He truly is a real great guy – trust me. ButI decided to push for the release of this video because there are three premises that were satisfied:

  • To demonstrate unseen variables that will happen such as weapon extraction issues

  • To show authenticity and transparency of the exercises and or drill within the course of the TRIAL

  • To show that I actually do have weapon handing and retention ability and can execute it on the fly


So many times we see squeaky clean videos of people shooting, often times they never show the target that they are shooting at or the hits (if they even hit) or the hang ups that they most likely have faced at one time or another. Another thing is that it’s easy to say you have weapon retention skills when everything is going right. Or when you take multiple takes or have a blockbuster film crew (and for the record ain’t nothing wrong with this cameraman as he is damn good at what he does). See the reason why people don’t see certain people of the gun game as “believable” is because they are simply too polished. I like gritty, real world, real life hands on material, other will not and that’s OK.

E.D.A/E.C.K. A.I.M. (Artificially Induced Malfunctions) 


In regards to THE FLYER that hit the protective scaffold (not the ceiling like a lot of morons say). Try a new perspective as it comes to it.


If it was a real close quarter combat event it would have probably happened anyway. Given that the human skull weights about 10 to 11 pounds and is filled with fluid and soft tissue the round would have passed through anyway. Now I know what you’re thinking: “know what’s behind your target”. And this is true, however, when you’re in real life and you are in a life and death engagement the face or head shot is and always will be the fastest way to shut an aggressor down. So with that said the round will always pass though someones head because I don’t know anyone head that serves a dual purpose as a computer and bullet backstop.


Again, granted I had a FLYER, but it was not intentional. And I say it wasn’t intentional because of the premise of the round being fired in the first place. Therefore I owe no apologies – I will simply lower the target next time and add a bit of weight to it. And stop with the slander, its not a good look for grown men. so there you heard it from the source - ME (and the Cameraman). Anyone other than us - they simply don't know. But if you really want to know: the E.D.A./E.C.K. shooting platform has surpassed all expectations! Stay tuned - THE SAGA CONTINUES.


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