VODA, is a Non-Profit 501(c) Organization that is centered around the following PIE:

  • Possibilities

  • Inspiration

  • Exploration

And what this tri-cornerstone does is, it leaves the gate open for change and evolution within the Gun Game. In doing so it allows room for true FREEDOM of thought. It is an organization where we do not pass biased judgments against people because they are simply different in any way shape of form. And because I stand under that premise I WILL NOT tolerate anything or anyone who willfully violates the standard that I have set forth. And with that saying, I WILL NOT tolerate any form of racism, prejudice or bigotry internal or external of the Gun Game.


In this article we will examine three hard-line pathologies within the Gun Game that occurred not in some country far away but, right here at home; in Charlotte North Carolina. Those pathologies are:


Racism - Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

With that said in light of recent events, after releasing the successful E.D.A./E.C.K. video I received a onslaught of hate mail from both famous and not so famous people in the Gun Game. Now, understand, I don’t mind people disagreeing because people will always disagree. Even more than that, I don’t mind people sending hate mail, for you do have a right to free speech – who am I to stifle that? Although I wonder the validity of hate mail coming for grown ass men like they got mad because they didn’t get picked to be on stage at a Beyoncé concert (shameful right).

But this time things where different. I got hate mail from some coward that claimed to be from the KKK (Klu Klux Klan); which for the record it is my position that they are ALL COWARDS not because they look out for each other but because they hold a history of executing some of the most heinous acts in American History and some of them hid behind their ability to create laws that disenfranchises people of color because some of them sit in seats of power and promote an uneven playing ground that leads to the social and economic degradation of people of color. in one word: FUCK’EM: THAT’S RIGHT I SAID IT. Many people said within the course of 48 hours that with the range banning me that it was not racism but due to “unsafe practices”. Which is totally NOT TRUE!

The reason why this falls into racism is not just because I received some disturbing messages from people from hate groups. But because these people that are apart of these hate groups made phone calls and harassing email messages to BlackStone Shooting Range (I really liked them - seriously) in which I was a loyal member at. The owner and the owner only (not the employees) whom of which sad to say could not find the strength to stand up to the racism that was going on. This is hurtful because I brought them business – in good faith.

To make matters worst the owner for whatever reason chose to believe threats of membership cancellation from people that don’t even live in North Carolina and who have more than likely never been to BlackStone's range! When I get message like this, this constitutes as racism:


Prejudice - An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

The second pathology that I would like to  touch upon on is the fact that there is Prejudice within the Gun Game. And I have personally experienced this because people have formed judgements pertaining not only about me but others without factual information. I get the messages all the time “Oh you shot someone in the leg during training on Oct 31st”, which is grotesquely untrue. The real truth is I shot an armed convict on Oct 31st. Here's another one: “VODA is unsafe because they point real guns at each other in his classes”.

This forms another prejudice when the truth is: “I allow the Client(s) to point verified and cleared firearms at me in a session that does not allow any ammunition to be present so that they can obtain the truest form of sight alignment and sight picture on a human subject so that they can have the confidence to press the trigger when they need to the most”.  But since people maliciously twist things around for whatever reason it creates an atmosphere for people to project prejudice towards me and others like me who train in this fashion.


Bigotry - Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.

But this is the biggest one and could be the reason why many people in the Gun Game all look the same the highest form of predictability the fact that bigotry runs rampant throughout the Gun Game. Me being who I am, I see this and sought out to create something new not in an effort to break the mold. But to give Shooters something an Fight-Efficient™ alternative that augment their skill-sets.

Not that I need the advice, I got this! But there is a reason why I do what I do.


So many people in the Gun Game exhibit attitudes and actions of bigotry in an attempt to suppress something new. And my words to them wold be this, nothing last forever, change is always just around a corner or two. But more importantly, the bigots will soon no longer be able to hustle those bullshit NRA Courses and garbage ass Conceal Carry Classes in which they rape the shit out you in fees. Why? Because when something is new it lessons their ability to control it, exploit it and milk money off of it.

Every one that knows me know I don't believe in the concept of "race" as it cannot be biologically proven (it's the Social Scientist in me). However, the world around me does and since I live in that world I am forced to look at the ugly social construction of such (disgusting). REMEMBER: NO MAN SHOULD HAVE TO BEG TO SIT AT ANOTHER MANS TABLE. DAMN IT - I WILL BUILD MY OWN TABLE WITH MY BARE HANDS AND WILL DO SO IN THE WORDS OF PROPHET (KING) PETER BANKS "UPON THIS ROCK". (and I'm an Atheist).

 This is where and the type of family I come from - I DON'T BACK DOWN. NO FEAR IN MY HEART.



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