The tri-cornerstones of VODA are Possibilities, Exploration and Inspiration. Standing true to these core principals I embarked on a professional task of creating the optimum shooting platform for the common man. And in doing so i can proudly say it is my position that E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ has utilized those cornerstones the build something special; something unique in its own right. Although E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ shares the same premise of the Old-School Japanese CQC/CQB (Close Quarter Combat/Close Quarter Battle) SWAT techniques; E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ is an entirely different shooting platform in its own right. What makes it different? Well quite simply put its premise.


Remember: cognition before the gun. And in remembering that you must also understand that it is the premise of the Operator or in this case the Civilian Operator ™ that dictates every action we/she/he takes with any weapon system they manipulate. And the premise of E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ is to inflict the maximum damage on Adversaries in an Extreme Close Quarter dynamic scenario in the most time efficient manner as possible. In order to accomplish this, one's Fight-Efficiency™ must be up to par.


In addition, the Civilian Operator™ must understand and have knowledge of Cybernetics both 1st Order and 2nd Order Cybernetics as well as both O.O.D.A and M.A.R.S.™ Feedback Loops Processes and the manipulation thereof. The Civilian Operator™  must have an understanding of Psychology, Human Physiology, Human Anatomy and be generally informed on Bloodborne Pathogens.


Moreover, the Civilian Operator™ must also possess confidence to press the trigger, display a sound attitude and demonstrate good judgment as well as weapon and self-control; a firm grasp of criminal law as it pertains to them. Also, The Civilian Operator™ must also have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of weapon manipulation. And what I mean by that is the extraction, draw, and shooting of a gun and manipulation of a knife separately and simultaneously. 

Why? Because we are using Extreme Direct Action™ to inflict the most damage in the most vicious and most time efficient manner as possible, and the Civilian Operator™ will need to know as much information as he can in order to fulfill this task. That's right, we are talking about hitting Adversaries on multiple levels, those levels being emotionally as well as physically, both of which may, more than likely result in either the permanent disfigurement or death of the Civilian Operators™ adversaries.


Understanding all of this, I need you to understand something and that is the law. This is a very dangerous and exceptionally violent shooting platform and I'm recommending that it only be executed in the direst circumstances. And the reason for that is because it is my position, that you will have a very difficult time if not damn near impossible ability to articulate the deployment of the E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ shooting platform in a COURT OF LAW. Remember there is an ATTORNEY attached to every bullet and there's an ATTORNEY attached to every time the knife carves flesh.

A.I.M. Artificially Induced Malfunctions


At the present time the E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ Shooting platform allows room for two options: one with a high degree of lethality (knife and gun) and the other with a moderate degree of lethality (blunt force impact weapon such as ASP Barton and gun). The option to which one to use is yours and more importantly the level or degree of lethality to use is up to you.


So don't go telling the judge in the courts I said you had to "only do it like this". Take full responsibility for your actions, because if you're wrong then you are just wrong. VODA, Lucien R. Black™, Michael Thervil will not be held liable for any legal ramifications for your actions in regards to using E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ (I am immune and not liable for Criminal or Civil Liabilities). Use E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ at your own risk.



Obviously the knife is for Extreme close range work. But the knife is to be used to either any conjunction with the gun or it can be used as a standalone tool/option. When I use the term “work”, I'm speaking in terms of stabbing, jabbing, thrusting, slashing, "ANCHORING", cutting, pain compliance, swiping, scraping, and or slicing. The blade of the knife may or may not have a combination of the street or serrated edge. A serrated edge knife will inflict more damage. A sharp edge will cut cleaner than a dull one. But a cut with a dull edge will take longer to heal.


The knife is just as or even more lethal as the firearm in CQC/CQB. However, bear in mind that the degree or level of lethality in using the knife is solely Operator dependent. Outside the obvious use of the knife, the knife is a psychologically damaging tool. The damage of a knife in regards to the psyche of individual can most likely last a lifetime. This is especially true if the individual has to be visibly reminded every day by simply looking in the mirror or because people have to stop and stare and wonder what happened to them because of the scars that are left upon their PERSON (face, head, neck, arms, hands).

And NO, no one is intentionally shooting at the ceiling during this drill. The target was violently moved by the initial round passing through because we are working in close proximity of the target. And no, the Operator DOES NOT sweep himself as his arms work in a circular patter for overlapping coverage (difficult camera angle). No harm no foul play here.


In general terms, any knife can be used. I would recommend checking with your STATE, County, City, and Local LAWS concerning the length and the types of knives that can be carried in that are prohibited to be carried on your PERSON by law. In some geographic locations, they do not allow their citizens to have access to automatic knives. So that is something that you may want to be aware of.


In some jurisdictions they have a limit to the length of the actual knife that can be carried on your person typically it is between three and 3 1/2 (3.5) inches of blade. Some jurisdictions only allow you to only carry straight nice as opposed to folding knives. Again check with your local LAWS and jurisdiction for guidelines in regards to carrying a knife on your person.


I personally do not like folding knives for me they are simply too slow to deploy. For this type of shooting platform it is best to have a knife that is enclose in a Kydex sheath of some sort. In addition, the handle of the knife should be as flat as possible for optimal use while the hands are joined around the firearm. 

 Because of the nature of firing in close proximity of the target to eliminate moment from the paper target practicing the above shooting drill, we demonstrated without a target. (YES even I was surprised)!


Also the knife should have a "Full Tang". Meaning that the actual metal that is used to make the blade should extend all the way into the handle of the knife.  Anything other than that will be considered a "Half Tang". Although Half Tang knives would work, they often times will not provide optimum repeated performance (consistency) and the blade will develop the tendency to separate from the handle. For more information on how to utilize the knife in conjunction with the shooting platform please feel free to give me a call at 910-604-6986 or at the following email address: onered.voda@gmail.com


Yes, we know it shoots! But more than that the firearm is used under the following to premises: to quickly incapacitate an aggressor, as in augmenting force to the knife on an aggressor and or for distance. The gun is also used to induce massive trauma, to penetrate cover and concealment, or as a blunt force trauma impact weapon.


In regards to weapon manipulation to include loading, unloading, clearing malfunctions and shooting should be done with the knife still in the Reaction/Knife Hand. One should not have to host of the knife in an effort to clear a malfunction with the firearm is should be done with both systems out and utilizing their perspective hands.


For more information on the E.D.A.™/E.C.K.™ shooting platform. Please feel free to contact me at 910-604-6986 or you can reach me at onered.voda@gmail.com.

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