The Urban Agenda - People of Color are NOT Fucking Cash Cows!


So right now according to my Brother and President of The Urban Sharp Shooters (U.S.S.)  James McCoy who is connected with several Federal Firearms License Dealers have made the observation that gun sales as we speak are going down faster than a pair of panties at a Tank, Genuine and Tyrese (TGT) concert. And I have to say that was a great album; Right next to R. Kelly's TP: 2000 album.


By anyway, in an effort to once again exploit People of Color here comes the modern day Robber Barron's: the NRA and gun manufacturers. Once again coming together to put in play schemes undreamed of in an effort to extract money from people who don't know how the Gun Game is played.

Over the years the NRA has struggled to increase his popularity amongst the People of Color within this country. And that is primarily due to the resentment and or disdain People of Color have in this country towards the NRA because of the laws they helped enacted in the 1960's to keep guns out of the hands of not only People of Color in general but specifically against the members of the Black Panther Party and the Black Panther movement in California. So technically the Draconian laws regarding firearm ownership that are currently present in California that everyone is bitching about are due to the legislation efforts of the NRA.


But even more than that, one must ask him or herself the following questions which are centered around the three following premises:


  • Gun Sales

  • NRA Membership

  • Political Agendas


"Why come to the aid of people of color to help them gain access to guns now when you could've done this 20 or 30 years ago?"


In again? This is not to overlook or an attempt to ignore the fundamental basic requirement for running a business - which is CAPITAL. But with that said, at what point do we draw the line in the sand and say "Hey since when do we start putting profit before people?"


The way I see it is by the following questions:


"Where was the NRA when people needed guns to protect themselves from the criminals when all the shootings were occurring in Chicago and Gary Indiana in the early to mid-90's?"


"Where was the NRA when those flash mobs displayed violence in Chicago in 2005 and still are to this very day?"


"Where were the NRA when police officers were scared to go to Stateway (Chicago Housing Projects) to help the victims of violent crimes when the project buildings were still standing in Chicago?"


"How come MURDER is through the roof in THE CITY OF CHICAGO but there are NO gun stores or gun ranges in Chicago - and there hasen't been one in over 30 years!"


And I can go on and on with many countless examples filled with literally hundreds of dead motherfuckers because institutions and organizations such as the NRA spoke empty words filled with false promises (if they even spoke out in the first place). But the truth of the matter is they really didn't give a damn to help People of Color in these pockets of hell because through the eyes of the NRA we were considered fuckin' niggers. The old saying goes:


"People will make time for what they want to make time for."


Why send people like Maj Toure, a god damn Felon who can't even legally own a firearm or even be around a firearm and don't shit about the Gun Game come into our neighborhoods in an attempt to promote "gun safety" and "responsible gun ownership" when the problems that existed regarding People of Color and firearms existed for well over 30 years?


And this is not to take away from Mr. Maj Toure, as he believe that he is doing the right thing. And he very well might be (at least in his mind). But what he feels he is doing and what is actually being done are two very distinct things. for my brother [Maj Toure] for whatever reason he cannot see that he is being used by the NRA to one; to promote people to join the NRA so that they can boost their membership and for the promotion of gun sales so the manufactures can eat.


But secondly, he is being used to satisfy the needs, wants and desires of a political party that really don't give a damn about not only him but for people in general. Why? Because they are about business. Don't believe me? Well don't take my word for it. Instead listen to one of the Insiders that "Blew the Whistle" in an VODALogic article entitled KNOWLEDGE: INDUSTRY WHISTLE-BLOWER. Feel free to click the link below:

Trick Baby 1972


If you want to obtain an idea of how the game is manipulated and play here is the "Dinner Scene" from the 1972 Cult Classic "Trick Baby". The Gun Game is like any other game in life; it’s about that motherfucking dollar. And if you can’t see that then you’re a dumb motherfucker.


One of the sudden push for training now in general? Membership. Let’s face it, the only people who actually listens to the NRA are the people that will believe anything. That’s just what it is. And with that being said the NRA membership is going down the tubes. People are finally realizing that the NRA is full of shit! They [people] don’t get nothing for their hard earned money (donations) other than a fucking cheap ass bag and coin that’s not worth the metal it’s printed on. So what does this have to do with the NRA gaining membership? Well the correlation lies between their written publication and digital media outlets.


The only saying is if you see and hear something enough you are more inclined to believe it as being real or as being fact (even if it is false). So with that being said, the NRA membership will get you access to a couple of their magazines (which reprints the same damn article at times) and also serves as manufactures advertisement and political propaganda outlet. And you get a few discounts at a couple of hotels (if that anymore) and let’s not forget the NRA credit card. 


All of these monetary avenues which are to be gained by the NRA from their membership (which you get nothing of substance in return) will point you into one direction. The backing of their political clout and to the political campaign contributions AKA BRIDES AND PAYOFFS (at the Honorable Gerald Celente would say) that they make. That’s right, they have to pay off politicians to keep quiet while they line their pockets to the tune of over $1,000,000 (Wayne LaPierre) with your hard earned money. They pay off Politicians so that they can get legislation pushed through that benefit them and gun manufactures - NOT YOU. Again, both of which really could give less than a fuck about people within the urban areas of this country.


But hey, don’t take my word for it check out my article entitled: ANALYSIS: NRA (Corporate Power)+STATE=Fascism which can be reached by simply clicking on the link below:


So in closing learn to think for yourself, do not allow yourself to be pimped out to any organization or institution for any reason. Do not become a Maj Toure and do not become a Colion Noir for they are nothing but either puppets on a string or have a hole up their ass so the NRA can ram their hand up it and move their mouths. Think for yourself. If this article resonates with you then you have the eyes to see, you have the ears to hear and you have the power to walk to the beat of your own drum. Be like Nike and "Just Do It"; and remember Sprite - "Image is nothing - Thirst is everything".




  • Demonstrators protest the fatal police shooting of Paul O'Neal Aug. 7 in Chicago, Illinois. (Joshua Lott/Getty Images)



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