The NRA ain't moving. The USCCA ain't moving. Urban Sharp Shooters ain't moving. And VODA ain't fucking moving. So what does all of create when major players in the Gun Game refuse to be give up there seat at the table? WAR! Now I want you to understand this: I did not ask or nor have I ever thought I would be a part of some war or anyone's else's war in the Gun Game. For me it was all about educating and training people for real life Gun-Fighting encounters. James McKoy my Brother and President of the Urban Sharp Shooters knows my position better than anyone at the time and still to this day: I simply didn't want to have any part of any political agenda or affiliation within the Gun Game - just let VODA do what it does.


My Brother [James McCoy] looked at the phone and spoke his mind to me as he always have and said the following:

"Brother, that bullshit! VODA you are a Black Man in the Gun Game you have to have a political agenda because the Gun it's self is a political tool!"


I didn't want to admit it; primarily because as a Social Scientist we don't entertain the notion of "race" because it cannot be biological proven or disproved. However, what I failed to consider was the reality that I not only experience and operate in, but the unfortunate reality that I have had to share by default with the society that I live in. And that is: there is a social constructed attribute in this society called "race" that is perpetuated by the people in the society I live in and that's what makes it [race] "real".


So, with that being said. What does this have to do with the four sided war that's going on? Well because with any major player in any game: there will be conflicting interest and ideas. And the battle for the opportunity for any one of the players interest and ideas to be heard by the spectators (in this case the consumers) of the Gun Game is fought not with sticks and stones or "Blades and Bullets" and other forms of "Direct Action"; but it is viciously fought on the battlefield of the psyche of the spectators or consumers within the industry or the Game at hand.

What is PROXY WAR? What does PROXY WAR mean? PROXY WAR meaning, definition & explanation

Remember the giants of any industry or Game tend to never fight each other head on at first! Instead they fight via "Proxy War". First we must ask the fundamental question: "What is a Proxy War?" And then follow it up with "Who are the Proxies?" A quick Wikipedia search which will suffice on providing a general idea of what a Proxy War is which can be summed up as:


"A proxy war is a conflict between two states or non-state actors where neither entity directly engages the other. While this can encompass a breadth of armed confrontation, its core definition hinges on two separate powers utilizing external strife to somehow attack the interests or territorial holdings of the other."

When used in relation to the Gun Game the proxies would be the General Spectators or Consumers. Now in order for one side or another to win the Proxy War they must gain enough people that believe in their cause or in this case "agenda". Shame to say what the NRA does is create dissonance and fear within the Gun Game via the manipulation of Proxies. And this is the play in the Gun Game that the NRA plays hook line and sinker every single time and actually wins.

In fact, the NRA runs the same play and wins using it so much it makes you wonder if the Proxies for the NRA are so god damn dumb that they will mindlessly believe and consign everything that the NRA puts out! And if that's so then that in itself is a recipe for disaster because of the whole array of cognitive biases that will be rendered from such socio-pathological behavior.

Why? Because it's (mindless obedience) is diametrically opposed to the fundamental building blocks of this country! Which is the illusion called "Freedom" (which you have none) to express ones thoughts and ideas. And since many people like this who fit into the category of not being able to think for themselves, does this give the NRA and other institutions like it that engage in this practice the right to think for you? And since we can concur that the answer is NO then we can safely induce the fact that the NRA would be in violation of the basic fundamental rights from an ethical stand point.

If you cannot display any independent cognitive thought on your own then you are indeed displaying signs of a mild form of cognitive development issue.

But to shed a little more light into the current Proxy War that is currently underway within the Gun Game, the instructors within the Gun Game form the Buffer Zone. If you could call the majority of them [NRA] “instructors” at all. The reason that I say this is because most NRA “instructors” serve not in the capacity of an “instructor” and certainly not the role of an educator such as myself and James McKoy but of they serve in the capacity of “Endorsers”.

Again, a quick google search of the term “Endorsers” means:


“A person who is authorized to sign a negotiable security in order to transfer ownership from one party to another, or to approve the terms and conditions of a contract.”

I and many others use the term Endorser because most NRA instructors do not create or develop anything new. They simply regurgitate what the heard (hearsay), and what they are told to say. They “Toe The Party Line” so to speak in an effort to obtain the opportunity to say that they are “certified” so that they can gain people confidence without having any real world application and or skill (fraudulence) or to milk people out of their hard earn money because these people are looking for someone that they can trust.


Remember I am a Social Scientist – and we have proven time after time after time again that people will blindly believe an official looking figure because they seem to have some official authorization, uniform (lab coat) or in this case “certification”. Don’t take my word for it see if for yourself.

Milgram Experiment Proves We Blindly Obey Authority.

Yale University torture experiment reveals why we blindly believe

Taken from the film - Milgram Experiment - The Heist








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