It’s been a while as I have been taking the time out for myself and doing some “Focused Shooting” of my own and setting things right in my office at my job! Yes VODA works too! And before we go any further I have to say big ups to Urban Sharp Shooters in Atlanta as we conducted training this past weekend! Special thanks to Urban Sharp Shooters Atlanta Chapter President Tarik Akil Livingstone (Mi ahfi soon link yuh zeen – lata dat) and to the rest of you ladies and gentlemen (Sylvester) Love you guys and remember: always SHOOT TO LIVE!!! Also, I have to give a special recognition to "Tig" of Trigger Happy Panda. Keep doing your thing girl and let the Haters fucking Hate. Keep striving to reach your goal of providing training to 1,000,000 African American Women!!!


"Tig" of Trigger Happy Panda


And that has been applied to me since I decided to go public in June of 2015! But that's ok. And the reason that I can stand before you and say that is because people in the know, know that they best stuff can be found "underground". Even more than that people in the know also know that the innovation of nearly any industry is underground. But the reason for this is why? Well one reason is because in the underground scene this is a place where people with open minds converse. It is a place where exploration takes place and ideas are shared. This is undeniably vital to the success of any industry. For without it the Gun Game like any other industry or Game will ultimately be subjected to mediocrity.

President of Urban Sharp Shooters Atlanta


And this is indicative of what’s happening as you read this classic VODA article right now. The NRA is trying to be so damn dominate in the Gun Game that it too has fell way to the timeless prediction of mediocrity as it pertains to firearm training. If you look around nearly 90 percent of the NRA instructors out there teach the same. For them this leads to no room for the exploration and exchanging of ideas that occurs within the underground scene. that's right I said it: 90 percent of NRA instructor are cookie cutter at best and only 40 percent of them have any real world experience in an actually Gun-Fight." considering that there are an estimated 90,000 instructors and somewhat counting - the average chance of one engaging in a Gun-Fight is somewhere around the 1 percent mark.

Black-Packers of Atlanta GA.


For the NRA and their "instructors" if you can call them that maybe just of 1,000 of the 90,000 have actually been involved in a shooting. And when you couple that with the VODA standard of only counting engagements in the streets of "The States" it's even less than that! So really what you have is a bunch of hearsay, verbal regurgitation under the pretense of false confidence mixed with verbal masturbation. but for me exacerbate the situation more I can say with a high degree of certain that the 18 percent hit rate and 5 percent kill rate of Law Enforcement and Military combined these motherfuckers should not even be allowed to handle firearms.

My Brother James Wallace - Mills


Put it like this if a business was only bringing in 18 percent of their potential income they would be out of fucking business! But in the case of Law Enforcement and the NRA - they will get a bail out. And the bail out for them doesn’t consist of BILLS (what you call money), but BILLS in the sense of Laws that are written to protect them so that they may continue their trend of failure.

First Time Shooter and VODA Therapeutic Shooter


Getting back to being Black Balled and Blacklisted. If you are going to reject someone such as myself, reject me because I have physically hurt someone. Reject me because I should a pattern of placing people and my dear VODA Clients (I Love You) in danger. Again for the record I state no one has ever been hurt or shot in a VODA session. So with that being said I would urge my opposition and hecklers alike to take the time out and seek out the NRA instructors who have actually displayed acts of reckless public endangerment because last time I checked it was a “Unintentional Discharged” that occurred at the NRA range, see story here:

or this guy

(don't pretend like you don't know who he is)


or this guy


 or this guy



or this guy


or this guy


So with all of that and more, this begs the question: "Should these guys be Black Balled and Blacklisted too?” because as far as I can tell none of this has ever happen to me - EVER. I would also say this if you are going to attempt to ban, reject or marginalize anyone do so with valid evidence not by media created story lines and hearsay. It’s not a good look.


I have been in the Gun Game for a long time and I think I have seen enough. So to all the people out there that protest me, I do what I do because I’m exceptionally good at what I do. Talk shit about when some post information online about me busting wrongful shots. Not about me busting shots at two armed convicts in the defense of a woman and her children. Who's got certification and who doesn't? Personally and professionally I simply don't give a fuck. There are only two relevant questions that concern me: how hungry are you and how many skulls do you have around your neck from catching bodies in the U.S.A. not some deployment.




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