This Active Shooter Drill was conducted at FORT BRAGG NORTH CAROLINA under MILITARY POLICE


What can I say but: “What is wrong with this picture?” This is not an attempt to criticize or to bring shame to anyone, unit or anyone’s training practices. However, this is a not so good attempt out of many that I often speak about. Just because someone says “I’m POLICE” or “I’m Military” it doesn’t mean that they are any good at what they do as far as firearms are concerned. Again, the cognitive biases regarding this issue and many other issues within the Gun Game surrounding training lies between that of the status and the ego of the PERSON who thinks that they are somehow “superior”.


I have brought this to the attention of the Gun Game twice since I went public in 2015. The first time it was in an earlier VODA Speaks segment and the second time was in an article that I published a while back entitled: Get off the Military’s Dick. Both of which went largely unheard.


But yet again here is positive proof that there needs to be an overhaul in training for both POLICE and Military as far as firearm education and training is concerned. In short what I’m trying to say if I’m saying anything is that we can do better. In fact, we have no other choice so must do better because for one our lives depend on it and secondly the people that we serve depend on us.


There is a lot to be learned as far as simply observing the two videos. The tactics are antiquated (old); and the aggression is not there (seemingly lack of urgency). There is a lost sense of robustness as well as issue concerning fluidity in the motion of the OFFICERS within this Active-Shooter Drill. I also observed a sense of a lack of mechanical proficiency in terms of weapon handling.


However, to be fair we must understand that this snippet may not be the entirety of the training being conducted and this unit may be running this drill for the first time. We have to exercise reasonable logic while we are observing and chopping up this footage. But even more than that, we as Gun-Fighters and Shooters alike must be willing to consider that there could be other variables that may be at play here that may  be significantly decreasing their Fight-Efficiency ™ .




And this issue is not just limited to the ARMY it includes the MARINES as well. As seen in the footage below. This is why I push for more aggressive tactics such as Israeli Combat Point Shooting (I.C.P.S.) and other aggressive shooting platforms that VODA Clients train on. What you must understand is that in an Active Shooter situation  you must possess these following three variables:


  • SPEED Remember: MOVE, there is an emergency! Hurry up and get to that door, get to that corner. If there is a threat, deal with them as fast as possible. Don’t march up to the house 2.5 M.P.H. in a fucking stack.

  • VIOLENCE OF ACTION - If you are going to shoot – SHOOT GOD DAMN IT; even if this means emptying the magazine. This is one reason as to why I.C.P.S. is so effective. The willingness to execute a high level of lethality without any remorse for the bad guy. RATHER HIM THAN YOU!

  • SURPRISE - Do what needs to be done! it should be instinctive considering that you are receiving the right training for the job! Do what the bad guy(s) least expect. If he thinks you won’t take the shot – TAKE IT. Do not try to reason or negotiate unless there is a hostage in the mix. If you are deploy distraction devices (flashbangs, smoke) do so and be quick to follow up behind if feasible.


By understanding and implementing these three variables you will increase not only your life expectancy but you will also increase your Fight-Efficiency ™ and the rate of survival of the people that are counting on you to come to their aid. I know this is short article but this came down my Facebook feed and I have some other business to attend to.


Remember M.A.R.S. and SHOOT TO LIVE






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