CASE STUDY: Alexander Plummer

By now I'm quite sure that you've heard about the young man who shot at and critically wounded two police officers home he thought was Burglars poaching from the side of his home. It is my professional position as a Firearm Education and Training Consultant that I will not get into politics, ethnicity, or any attempt to Monday Morning Quarterback what should have been done or what shouldn't have been done in regards to this case (or any other case for that matter).


The only thing that we should be doing at this point in time is utilizing this unfortunate situation as a Case Study and learning from this unfortunate incident that occurred and advocate for relevant training and push for a correction in legislation to reduce the reoccurrence of situations like this.

There are several factors at play here that people are not taking the time out to either bring to the light or to recognize in its entirety. And the first which is a big one is we must stop the reckless selling a firearms. Before I get into the other variables of Cognition and the protocol of S.I.C., let us first talk about what I mean by the reckless selling of firearms.

Just because someone is legal that doesn't mean that we should necessarily sell them a firearm. This is not to say that the young man in question is incompetent of actually owning a firearm, what I am simply attempting to articulate here is that before we sell anyone a firearm we must in some form or fashion be sure to the best of our knowledge that they not only know, but can fully comprehend and apply the laws that pertain to the use of deadly force CONTINUUM when a firearm or any other weapon is deployed.

And again, it is easy to engage in the endless speculation of what he should have done and what the young man should not have done. Likewise we can further speculate what the police officers should have done or what they should not have done. But at the end of the day no matter which speculation you choose to run with, it doesn't change the fact of the matter. And the fact of the matter is the young man was wrong but so was the dealers (and the Gun Game as a whole) who consequently that sold him the firearm without checking to ensure that he knew and could apply the laws pertaining to use of deadly force CONTINUUM.

Now many people will state the fact that:


"Ignorance is no excuse for breaking the LAW.”


And that may very well may be true. However:


“Hiding behind the law just to justify the sale of a firearm without caring about if the purchaser is going to be responsible is just as reckless and if not more dangerous than someone committing an act of violence or discharging a firearm with no degree of training out of fear of one's own life to ensure their own survivability.”

Let us use yet another example; we can turn to VODA Client Shaneen Allen. In her case they simply sold her a firearm and didn't tell her shit. In fact I would go out on the ledge and say that they [firearm dealer] didn't give a damn either, for the only thing that they cared about was the fact that she was able to legally purchase a firearm and that they could turn a profit. And before she knew it, she was hemmed up in New Jersey. See the article here:

Now a lot of people will say people should read the law before, during and after they own a firearm to ensure that they're doing the right thing. I can fully agree with that statement. However, you simply cannot ask a question that you don't know to ask. Especially, if you are a First-Time Shooter and or a First-Time Gun Owner. And because of these two cases and many others like it I at this time will charge the Gun Game with “Willful Neglect”. And Willful Neglect can be defined by HIPPA as the:

“Conscious, intentional failure or reckless indifference to the obligation to comply with the administrative simplification provision violated.” 45 CFR 160.401. Section 13410(a) of the HITECH Act [123 STAT.F

This assessment is set upon the premise that dealers know that they have no obligation to either check and or ensure the level of competency of not only the purchaser of a firearm but the comprehension of the law as it pertains to the use and ownership of firearms. Secondly, as long as the prospective purchaser of the firearm is legal, they [dealers] will sell them a firearm so as long as they do not detect that it is a Straw-Man Purchase.


With a quick Google search cognition is defined as:

"The mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses."


This is what needs to be behind every weapon system. Not just “somebody” in the literal sense, as I always say: "Any ape can press a trigger - I need a brain behind it." This is one reason as to why I use the term "Civilian Operator™". I'm denoting the fact that someone of good sound judgment, knowledge, skill and attitude is out there making things happen when a firearm is deployed for SD (Self-Defense).

So in the case of the young man featured in the video, not only did he appear to have any formal training, he was legally allowed to purchase a firearm without the necessary Cognitive Conditioning required to operate that firearm. And the Cognitive Conditioning that I'm speaking of only comes about through continuous training and continuous updates in regards to the use of force continuum, and the laws that pertain to the use of force.

For those that can fully understand where I'm coming from in reference to Cognition in conjunction with this Case; I'm talking about the failure of the majority of dealers to transfer knowledge and aid in pushing for the facilitation of logic, comprehension, judgment, evaluation, reasoning, conflict resolution, and again checking the general comprehension of the purchaser when it comes to owning and deploying firearms for SD (Self-Defense) or as a Personal Protection Solution.


When dealing with any threat during a violent encounter there is a lot of variables at play; way to many to just start blasting away (no pun intended). As a Civilian Operator™ you must be able to properly assess your aggressor(s). Remember this RULE OF THUMB:

"Every bullet has an ATTORNEY attached to it."


So with that in mind it would be in the best interest of a Civilian Operator™ to use what I like to call S.I.C. method which stands for: SCAN, IDENTIFY, CLASSIFY. We scan on a continuous basis because the battlefield consistently changes at a moments notice. The change exponentially increases when extra variables such as people, animals, and expensive property are introduced in conjunction with an attacker(s).


We must be able to ID or IDENTIFY whether or not the perceived threat within our Area of Operation (A.O.) or shooting engagement is actually even a threat! The reason why I bring this to your attention is because often times stereotypes, past dramatic events and other types of cognitive biases often cloud our judgment, and this cognitive bias is compounded when critical stress incidences like this occur. And this is unfortunately evident with the young man who is featured in the video.

He thought or at least he received the individuals [POLICE OFFICERS] around his house as Burglars, even though they were in fact not! And as I always tell every VODA Client:


"It's not about what you believe it's what you know and when you go to court then it becomes it's not about what you know is about what you can prove."


This is why it is quintessential that the Civilian Operator™ is able to first SCAN and then IDENTIFY or ID the potential perceived threat within their A.O. or shooting engagement.

Lastly the Civilian Operator™ must be able to CLASSIFY the PERSON(S) that may constitute a threat (because of their actions) to their livelihood well the livelihood of others if they so choose to intervene on the behalf of another. When I use the term CLASSIFY; I’m talking about being able to put the SUBJECT (or animal) that you just IDENTIFIED as an individual (or animal) into a specified category in conjunction with a specific action.

Is the SUBJECT a Businessman or Mechanic? Is the individual the Boogie-Man or is this the Serial Rapist you saw on the TV about to rape you? Hell, for those of you that watch Martin, is it Bruh Man from the "fif flo"? Or is it a POLICE OFFICER, like the ones that the young man in the video mistakenly shot?


I'm just saying you must know not only if you shooting at a human subject or not; but you must be able to CLASSIFY that individual as something and their actions before you even begin pressing that trigger. And all of this occurs within the thousandth of a second. This is why getting trained, being properly conditioned and undergoing continuous training is so important.




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