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Like anyone in the Gun Game I’m all for safety. And if you pay attention to any of the NRA rhetoric the only two things that they preach are “safety” and “responsibility”. Even though these two things are needed, they are nothing but a smokescreen to hide the NRA true intentions.


That is a topic that is outside the scope of this article and warrants an article of its own. However, in regards to being “TOO SAFE” it severely handicaps the Shooter in more ways than one. Although this is not a comprehensive list, I’m simply choosing to reveal a limited insight in to why my position is the way it is.


  • Unrealistic Training

  • Poor Cognitive Development

  • Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Training

Look everyone knows that use real guns not only for training but for real life shooting applications (duh right). But there is a reason as to why I do. There is no “Training Pistol” or “Blue Gun” that will ever be made that will allow for motor skill development. These “Toys” will never allow the Shooter and most certainly the Gun-Fighter the opportunity to “feel the character” of the firearm that they carry for SD (Self-Defense) Application or as a PPS (Personal Protection Solution).


Ask your self the following questions:

  • “Did I use a “Training Car” for drivers education?”

  • “Do Chefs use “Training Knives” in chef school?”

  • “Do welders use “Training Blow Torches” while in school?”


The use of real guns is significantly needed in the realm of Conceal Carry Classes (which I’m opposed to some degree). Take the North Carolina Conceal Carry licensing requirements for instance. When I was able to certify VODA Clients for NC Conceal Carry I had 8 hours to make a Shooter. Really, I literally had 8 hours to make a Shooter. And the most efficient way to make a Shooter in a minimum of 8 hours was to utilize a real gun.


I trained VODA Clients like various contractors trained me for the most part (within limits). VODA Session included mandatory heavy weapon system manipulation using their carry weapon (a real gun). VODA Clients needed to feel the weight of their guns. They needed to feel what it’s like to cycle the action of the weapon system in question.


They needed to point that gun at me as I did them so that they could obtain a “True Sense” of Sight Alignment and Sight Picture on a human subject. They needed to get comfortable with pressing the trigger on a human being so that they would be ready to Shoot On Demand™ so that they would be more inclined to take a human life if they’re life was in immediate danger.

My Clients needed to know how to clear malfunctions and stoppages, extract and draw and most importantly move while operating a real fucking gun while under pressure and stress. But most of all they needed to not only be aware but they needed to actually “feel” the legal ramifications if they messed up before they hit the streets with a firearm.


And in doing so they have full UNDERSTANDING of how the LAW works and how to play the Game when its time to be played. Yes, VODA Clients are more inclined to press the trigger and win in COURT than most Conceal Carry Handgun License Holders in North Carolina. So really when you are “TOO SAFE” you simply cannot train to the highest degree – even if you tried to wholeheartedly. The brain simply will not let you train to the highest degree when you use a “Toy Gun”.


Why? Because the brain will see it [The Toy Gun] is simply inefficient and it doesn’t make sense biologically to the Brain to waste precious “Adenosine Triphosphate” (ATP) or energy on something to complete a task that is not real.


East Tennessee State University


Poor Cognitive Development

Another thing that is negatively impacted in the cognitive functioning of the Shooter when they are “TOO SAFE” while training. What I mean by this it that where reality ends cognitive biases begin. Further explained, people will attempt to fill in the mental gaps with concrete reality failed to do so.


So people will resort to taking mental short cuts to “make sense” of a task(s). In this case, it would be firearm training. When this occurs, when you train “TOO SAFE”, you increase the risk of cognitive biases. Such biases that tend to be displayed out of an extremely long list of cognitive biases are:

  • Cognitive Dissonance – what you hear is not what you see and vice versa

  • Fundamental Attribution Error – occurs when people over-emphasize personality-based explanations for behaviors perceived from others

  • Confirmation Bias – This occurs when someone seeks out or attempts to interpret data in such a way that they confirm their own preconceptions

  • Self-Serving Bias – happens when people claim more responsibility for their successes than their failures

  • Belief Bias – this is seen when people attempt to use their techniques for evaluation centered around their belief in the truth or falsity of the conclusion

  • Framing – being narrow minded in approach to provide a description on a situation or issue

  • Hindsight Bias – also can be likened to the “I knew it since the beginning” in which people are more likely to view past events as being predictable. (Example: I was in the military so I know how to shoot or I’m a Marine)

Unrealistic Expectations

This should be very simple to understand. People that don’t use real gun often times have unrealistic expectation as to what it’s like to utilize a weapon in a SD (Self-Defense) Application. Example: “If I shoot the bad guy one time that will be enough to stop them – I mean I’m carrying .45 man!” now that’s some bullshit.


The endless and very purposeless caliber debates are unnecessary. And the reason for that is because handguns are not good man stoppers. Another quick example would be: “Glock is better than Hi-Point.” Or Daniel Defense is better than DPMS”. Or my personal favorite “AR’s / are better than AK’s.” all three of these statements are bullshit. use the correct tool for the job, there should be no favorites. Here is a very interesting article written by Darcy Jacobsen and is entitled "8 Cognitive Biases That Will Make or Break Your Culture". Feel free to click the link:


Another thing when it comes to the topic of Unrealistic Expectations is that there is no certification or Conceal Carry License that is going to shield you from getting your head blown off. So stop with the “I got my gun on me” or the “I got a conceal carry license” so I’m good shit. At the end of the day, certification or licensed or not; YOU CAN GET KILLED LIKE ANYONE ELSE. The PERSON that does the killing has one advantage over you – and it’s either that is that they are willing to:

  • Press the trigger

  • Press the trigger faster than you

  • Press the trigger before you do

Anyone who disagrees with this either has a:

  • False Sense of Confidence

  • Warped Sense of Reality


So, with that being said, if you don't see me engaging in the multitude of post online that slander me online this is one of the biggest reason as to why.







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