So-Called "Unsafe Practices" The best way to train for Gun-Fighting.


Prestitue Bob Owens of Bearingarms.com and “The Shiest of Atlanta" Samuel Hayes III


So almost every day I get bombarded by haters from around the country in regards to how bad I am as an Firearm Instructor. Here word: I'm not a Firearm Instructor I am a Firearm Education and Training Consultant - there is a diffrence. However, as far as me "Being The Worst", nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is I was simply ahead of my time at least here in "The States” where the NRA acts as a “Shadow Government” within the shooting community (in the words of the Honorable Sonny Puzikas – “Whatever the fuck that is”).


See because of the article that was written about me (your beloved VODA) people from within the Gun Game perceived me with a negative stigma (group think cognitive bias). But I wonder this time since GLOCK or at least some GLOCK Operators have a training video depicting some of the same training protocols that I currently provide to VODA Clients I wonder if Bob Owens of Bearingarms.com would write an article on them and will Samuel Hayes III be the "Industry Rat" that he is and call the NRA on GLOCK or these GLOCK Operators at the very least?


In the words of the Notorious B.I.G.G. “If you don’t know now you know” as there is a huge double standard in the Gun Game see the VODA Logic article entitled: “ KNOWLEDGE: AN INDUSTRY WITH A DOUBLE STANDARD”. Feel free to click, copy and paste the following link into your browser here:




I have to proudly say (because I have a set of nuts) that I never taught the NRA material by the book. Why? Because it’s simply not relevant to Gun-Fighting. Thus, it will more than likely NOT save your life in a Gun-Fight. But what disturbs me the most is that I get attacked while other people are doing the exact same thing that I’m doing. I get comments like this:

I guess I was the wrong color in “The States”. But be it as it may, it doesn’t deter me from providing quality consultation work to the VODA Clients that I serve (and will die for – I love you all). Even more than that I suspect that the scales are not balanced here. Understand I come from a place in which what you do to one side you do to the other.


So with that said I wonder “WILL BOB OWENS and SAM HAYES III CALL THE NRA ON GLOCK?” I mean for “safety sake” they should since they seem to be concerned about the safety of VODA Clients because we train with real guns (minus the ammunition) and we point them at each other (lol). That’s right these two cocksuckers (Bob Owens and Samuel Hayes III) have been on an all-out campaign to stop what I do. And I figure since GLOCK or GLOCK Operators at the very least are doing the same thing that I’m doing I think that it’s only fair that they concentrate both their efforts to attempt to “shut them down”.


But I can’t help but wonder that if they ever tried to will they face the same ridicule as I had to? I’m mean there are a lot of loyal GLOCK Owners, GLOCK Shooters and Followers out there. My guess is that they won’t because they don’t have a set of nuts to pick on the big guy, so that have to fuck with someone who they thought they could get over on (the small guy).


So being the WOLF that I am, I called Bob Owens out online,

and the only thing that he could do was put up that bullshit article he wrote a year ago. BE WISE: when they don’t have anything that can be used against you or can’t find nothing to be used against you then they start making up shit. Like The Great Gerald Celente says “They are Prestitues”. They will do anything and they will say anything to put out a story. "They don’t care who they hurt" – like Denzel Washington said when he called the mainstream media on their bullshit “Got be first” in regards to reporting, no matter what. Shame to say.

Denzel Washington speaking out on the media


Augmenting what Denzel Washington said, we have the Music Industry Tycoon Dame Dash and he stated the following in regards to spreading rumors:

Read the article entitled EVALUATE: GUN GOSSIP WEBSITES & SOCIAL MEDIA at vodalogic.com or click, copy and paste the link below:




With all this being said, if you are going to call me out (the little guy) have the nuts to call out either GLOCK or the GLOCK Operators in the video (the Big Guys). Engage in public shaming tactics with GLOCK like you attempted to do me. Protest and boycott them like you attempted do me. Call around to the shooting ranges and try to get them [GLOCK] banned because they don’t allegedly support “The Safety Rules” like you do me. Start rumors about shooting accidents concerning GLOCK and these GLOCK Operators like you do me.


But like I said – you won’t because between "The Prestitue" Bob Owens of Bearingarms.com and Samuel “The Shiest of Atlanta" Hayes III there is so much bitch! You know who Samuel Hayes III is: the guy that would cheat off your paper in school and report you to the Teacher and say you cheated off him – you know, that guy (LOL)!!!


Catch the “The Shiest of Atlanta" here click, copy and paste the link:






This is what i get from even the women that Samuel Hayes has tried to Sheist




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