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“Perfection” is the motto of GLOCK. And there's nothing wrong with that as they truly have perfected the semi-automatic pistol well enough to the point that they can actually use the motto “Perfection” in referance to their pistols. However, in regards to my most recent purchase of the GLOCK 22 I had some slight issues. For whatever reason, the trigger of my brand new pistol would not reset. Remember, this pistol is fresh out of the box (brand-new).


Again, what I had the opportunity which was a learning experience was an intermediate failure of the trigger to reset. Now don't get me wrong the gun fired absolutely fine with no hang ups on the trigger. But when it came to dry firing the gun which I do excessive, that's where the issue would show its ugly head. I was very surprised by it. And so were the two GLOCK Armorers that I took the pistol to for inspection.


Actually one of the GLOCK Armorers could under good conscious not clear the firearm to be fired on his range. And I can understand that. And this is because if it was me and by simply knowing that a firearm is "defective" I wouldn't let it be fired on my range either as a former Range Safety Officer. It's simply just too much of a liability in regards to insurance or even in regards to personal safety on the range.


I want to give a special thanks to the VODA fan who sent the following email in reguards to my YouTube video entitled "Remixed: JUST FEELING THE TRIGGER" copy and past the following link:


"I have followed you from your beginning believe it or not most of your early YouTube posting. Given the fact that you have guns that you prefer and do not. Why would you choose to carry and operate a GLOCK that does not lock open after last round is fired from the magazine? At 4:24 in the video and 4:30...Then at 9:25-&-10:20 failure to extract."


And I responded (flaws and all becasue im talk to my "smart phone" lol):


"Thank you for your valued response. And I'm glad that you were analyzing the video footage in which you are. There is a very distinct reason as to why this particular weapon system is having the issues in which it is having. That issue will be revealed in the next coming days. Thank you."


But instead of me banishing and shaming the pistol from not being “Perfect” because even while firing there were some instances of failures to extract, I decided to use it as a teachable moment. And I think it went pretty good. It’s been my experience as a Firearm Education and Training Consultant that a lot of people don't know how to clear malfunctions. It doesn't make them bad people all it means is that they simply don't know how to clear a malfunction.

YOUTUBE.COM VODA INC. GLOCK: When Perfection is Less Than Perfect


Consequently, even though this GLOCK was less than "Perfection". It will not deter me from purchasing other GLOCK pistols in the future. Interesting enough there are a lot of people out there that once they have a bad issue with one pistol they are more reluctant to purchase another pistol from that manufacture ever again – and that’s bullshit! Some people go as far as going on rants and raves online, to throwing insults, to the brink of showing sign of sheer disrespect to and for manufactures who produced a firearm that they don’t like for whatever reason or who "doesn't perform as advertised".


Some people sink to the lowest level and try to use smear tactics and shaming tactics (like they do to me) to either persuade other people through peer pressure to again not purchase a pistol from a particular manufacture if the one pistol doesn't operate as intended. I've seen this done with manufactures such as Taurus and Hi-Point.


I even remember distinctly having one person behind the counter of the gun store here in Charlotte North Carolina go as far as to not recommend the Diamond-Back AR-15 pistol because one person she personally knew had a bad experience with their product. I was able to easily resist the group think pressure because I once owned a Diamond-Back AR-15 pistol and it NEVER gave me an issue. Of course I don't give into that [group think] kind of cognitive bias because I can think for myself and I encourage you to do the same as well.


To further understand my position I urge you to consider the following example. 


If company X makes 100,000 guns and out of that 100,000 guns five of them are found to be defective for whatever reason does those five defective guns speak for the other 99,995 that were manufactured flawlessly? In the world of statistical analysis just know that the five defective models does do not speak for the other 99,995 guns that Company X manufactured that actually performed flawlessly because its way less than the 5% Margin of Error we ascribe to the measurement of variables (which would be 5,000 in this case of 100,000). In other words, don't be hyper-sensitive in combination with fear mongering (don't be the habitual “What If Guy”) in conjunction with the cognition bias of group think is a recipe for disaster of epic proportions.


So with that being said, I wound up having to ship the gun back to GLOCK. Now I have to admit, I was anticipating a 3 to 4 week turnaround time until I thought I was to get my get my pistol back. However, to my surprise, I was able to get my gun back within a week and a half. And I appreciated that very much. Upon receiving my gun back I immediately noticed a change in the trigger (positive thing).


Again, this is a positive thing, given the fact that it [the trigger] actually felt different than before. And for those that are armchair GLOCK Armorer is the previous trigger press before the rectification was not extremely heavy it was just different (all parts were found to be in spec). So today I'm looking forward to reducing my trigger poundage from what I assume will be the 5 to 5.5 pounds down to a 3.5 pound trigger (which is something that I'm used to). 


I'm a GLOCK Shooter - it is my preference as a Civilian Operator™



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