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You know, I can't help but get bombarded by a lot of the foolishness and pure fuckery that goes on with in the Gun Game as a pertains to topics such as Whether or not an A.R. 15 is better than AK 47/74. Or whether or not Self-Defense ammunition (the fuck is that – just shoot to live) is better than “Range Ammunition”. Or the endless caliber debates: “Is .45 better than 9mm?”


And for the purposes of this article we have yet another argument that is limited in scope: “Whether or not to carry in Condition 3.” Well for those who do not know what Condition 3 is, it is a method of carry centered around the 1911 pistol platform in which the hammer is down, nothing is in the chamber and the magazine is full and loaded into the magazine well of the pistol.


And the answer to the above question: “Whether or not to carry in Condition 3?” would be: you can actually carry both (either one in chamber or without one in the chamber). Why is this important? Because there is no one way to do anything within the Gun Game and especially in life. Think about it this way: what’s applicable in one situation may not be applicable to the next and vice versa.


So what does this mean? It means that you must be proficient in as many ways to do something as possible. In this case, it means that you must be proficient in more than just one shooting platform. You must be able to shoot in all conditions in order to really be well rounded and effective in the field. By heeding this advice, you will increase your Fight-Efficiency™. In the words of Denzel Washington:


“I stand by it – I guarantee it.”

Now there is one video in question which brought the topic of whether or not you should carry with a round in the chamber or not that came to my mind. It was an article floating around my timeline of my Face-Book feed which was written by two online tabloids. The first was: in an article entitled "Father and son perish while dad struggles to chamber his empty carry weapon"

And the second was: in an article entitled "Empty Chamber Carry Will Get You Killed"


I have to say it is my professional consultative observation and position that both of these sources are FULL OF SHIT, and here's why. Before we address the question of whether or not you should carry a round in the chamber not, we must first understand the premise as to why it was even done in the first place in terms of Gun-Fighting.


Bob Owens at stated:

"The people pushing this don’t seem to grasp that most Israeli troops carry their weapons with empty chambers (and magazines out) because they are largely a conscripted army, with very limited training."

Shows how much this cocksucker knows. Soldiers of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) do not carry firearms with magazines out. Plus they are very well trained military force as they have been dealing with actual Terrorist and Terrorism and not just “Threats of Terrorism” almost every single day since the conception of the State of Israel in 1948. They see more combat on a daily basis than almost any United States Soldier.

Institute Krav Maga Netherlands


See, back in the days when Israel first became a State somewhere around 1947. The weapon systems that they got were not only donated weapon systems, but they were the surplus weapon systems that the rest of the world really didn't want. Hence, the guns that they [Israeli’s] got where more prone to failures of all types (Failure to Feed, Failure to Fire, Failure to Extract, and Failure to go into Battery).


You know, the issues that owners of the Springfield XD/XDM series of pistols tend to go through when using reloaded ammunition. So with that being said you can logically induce that this is the reason as to why the Israeli's carried their firearms in Condition 3 was because of a safety factor. This is the one way that was absolute in which they could confidently say the firearm was safe.


So with that said, the safest and most effective way for them to utilize those pistols were to deploy them from a state of not having a round in the chamber or what is now known as Condition 3. Even more than that the Israelis had to devise a robust fighting system in which to deploy those firearms from the Condition 3 state. The system had to utilize gross motor skills as fine-tuned motor skills simply go out of the window doing the Fight or Flight response as epinephrine and non-epinephrine are released into the bloodstream; both of which under VODA SOP are considered biological deviations.


Another thing you must consider is the environment in which you as a Shooter or Gun-Fighter are operating in. Technically there is a 1% chance that you will have to deploy a firearm in the United States of America. So with that being said it would be considered an Operator's Preference that should not only be recognized but it should be honored as to whether or not a Civilian Operator™ will carry their firearm(s) in the 3rd Condition. When I bring up the essence of the environment or your Area of Operation (A.O.) that is your cue to assess the level of danger in which you may or may not find yourself in dependent on your local.


Instead see it like this, if it is 12 noon and you happen to be Downtown Charlotte N.C. and there's police all around, does it really make a difference if you carry your firearm with a round in the chamber or not? On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you know that you're going into a high threat environment for whatever reason that consist of High Gang Activity, High Crime and High Narcotics; wouldn't be pertinent to at least also consider the fact that carrying a round in the chamber may be beneficial to you?


The true answer to both of these questions or in these case scenarios would be that they are both are absolutely correct. There is no one way that you must carry your firearm. Remember we don't want to put our egos in front of us and we don’t want to be unprepared (even though there is a chance that you won’t be) but we don't want to be paranoid at the same time. Take everything in stride and consider your carrying options.


Again Bob Owen States the following:

"If you are going to survive, you need your handgun to be loaded from the start."


This is a half truth that is rooted in a cognitive bias. And the reason why say that is because one, Bob Owens is indirectly supporting that you carry with a round in the chamber by arguing negatively against those that don’t. I cannot express how many people I have seen die with a round in the chamber and that didn’t even have the opportunity to even get the gun out of the holster. So this going back and forth of should you carry with or without one in the chamber is immature at best. For the survival rate of you having either a handgun loaded with one round in the chamber or not is 50-50 at best. Why? Because it all comes down to these three key fundamentals:






In a piss poor article written by AGG.NET, they attempted to Monday Morning Quarterbacking of a video of a shooting in with someone didn't have a round in the chamber for whatever reason. See, it's easy to sit back and talk about what should've happened or what someone should have done or what should have done. But the truth of the matter is, we don't know really why the individual didn't have a round in the chamber or not. We don't know the level of training that the individual may or may not have had in the video. And most of all we simply do not know the circumstances in which how and why the situation unfolded the way in which it did. 



And since we do not know these key things, it is nothing more then ego-wrestling and endless speculation at best. Let me tell you something, and hear me well. If you were not there when any situation has occurred, stop looking at the unfortunate situations of other people and assuming you know exactly how and why they took the actions in which they took and how and why the situation went down as it did.

Remember, be proficient and as many methods of firearm operation as it regards to Gun-Fighting as possible. In my lifetime I've seen Police Officers and SWAT Officers get gunned down by a 14 year old with no fucking training and guess what they had "one in the chamber".

So get off the "I'm better off with one in the chamber" and the "If you carry without a round in chamber your stupid mentality". It's called Operators Preference for a reason. My advice: “Just do you before someone else does you.”

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Remember M.A.R.S.








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