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Before the rise of the semi automatic pistol we had the Spinner (known to you as a Revolver). From the days of the Wild West, to the revolutionary war, all the way up until now and forever we will still be shooing Spinners. See, for those that don't know there is a special nostalgia or very sense of oneness when you experience when you acquire the right Spinner for you. For me it is the Taurus Raging Bull in .44 mag. 


Yea my wrists were sore because of my medical condition but to tell the truth I just switched hands, I simply didn't give a damn. No, the pain was not unbearable but I could definitely feel it within the joints of my wrist. For me, what started my love for this particular Spinner was that it sort of commended that I shoot it. The lines with in this particular Spinner were hard and crisp lines that I like. I guess it's because I like a weapon system that speaks to my confidence as a Gun-Fighter.


Picking up the Taurus Raging Bull I could immediately feel the cushion of the rubber on the back-strap of the Spinner. It was not too spongy but not too firm, it was right in the middle. I could feel the roughly 3 pounds weight of the metal that demanded that I caress the Spinner with both hands and embrace its undeniable beauty and respect its power.

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As I hit the cylinder release latch and watched the loading gate swing the cylinders of the Spinner swung open during the visual inspection of the weapon system. I have to admit I was so enticed to roll the Spinner like they doing in the Hollywood movies and in doing so it was like it was lubricated with liquid butter. Yes! It was that smooth. No grit, no mechanical hang-ups – again, the cylinder just spun like it was lubricated with liquid butter.


The Taurus Raging Bull is a large frame Spinner that weight roughly 3 pounds and some change and has a barrel length of roughly 8 inches. The Taurus Raging Bull was designed with robustness in mind. This Spinner hold 6 rounds of .44 mag and the porting on the top of the barrel screams chimney smoke.


But these ports serve as compensators to help aid the shooter manage and mitigate the recoil of this Spinner being that the weight of this weapon system is relatively light for the caliber. Another thing that the ports of this weapon system do is aid in a reduction of muzzle flash while blasting. This is a good thing because it allows you to require sight aliment and sight picture quicker than if it didn’t have ports.

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Another thing that caught my eye besides that the Raging Bull can be found with Blued Steel (rust in general) is that it has room to allow for the mounting of an optic of some sort. Something else that came with this weapon system is that is came with the Taurus Security System (TSS)rs. This is safety measure by Taurus to aid in stop unauthorized user from operating this Spinner. Yes, it’s an actual lock and key. When the Spinner is locked up the trigger cannot be manipulated and the cylinder cannot be opened. The Spinner becomes a rock essentially.


Worthy of note, this Spinner comes with was Taurus calls a Dual lockup cylinder. Which according to Taurus:


“Provides stability under extreme chamber pressures.”


For me it would slow my reload speeds initially but with continuous practice this can be over come.

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The trigger is a Single Action / Double Action (SA/DA) with is a great option for a weapon system such as the Taurus Raging Bull. But one of the negatives of the Raging Bull is that it takes two hands to get the cylinder open. That’s the only thing that I didn’t like about this Spinner. But then again, I don’t think you should let my personal preferences deter you from purchasing or even shooting to enjoy this weapon system – VODA don’t play that. Remember freedom of choice is the best choice, so do you.

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I have to say this in closing, it was an absolute pleasure to cock the hammer back and “let it go” on this weapon system. One of the greatest things about owning a Taurus is that every one of their weapon systems comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy™. Coming from the Taurus website:


“Simply put, our unprecedented repair policy stands firmly behind every firearm imported or manufactured by Taurus International. The full terms are we will repair your Taurus firearm FREE OF CHARGE for the lifetime of the firearm.”


It should also be noted within the Unlimited Lifetime Repair Policy™:


“This warranty does not cover grips, sights, accessories, cosmetic defects after one year, or damage caused by customer abuse at any time. Taurus will not be responsible for these items.”


What this means is that it doesn’t matter if you are the 1 owner or the 1,000,000,000 owner as long as you don’t modify their gun they will either fix your gun or replace it. My advice; take the time out to fully appreciate not only the nostalgia but more importantly the timeless relevance of the Spinner – more specifically the Taurus Raging Bull Spinner.


In respect to a classic – Go Taurus






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