U.S.S. 3/20/17 Range Event


Who are the Urban Sharp Shooters? I get asked this question more often than not. And what I tell people is this:


“The Urban Sharp Shooters is a SHOOTERS Club built for not only African-Americans but for people that feel alienated on the range or in the Gun Game in general.


What the Urban Sharp Shooters are looking to do Is unify Shooters no matter if you are a Sport Shooter, Gun Enthusiast, First Time Shooter or have been shooting since the invention of gun powder – the Urban Sharp Shooters or U.S.S. has something for everyone. As a Member of the U.S.S. Gun Club I have the say I have the privilege to be a part of one of THE FIRST Gun Club specifically built for African-Americans. Since the conception of Urban Sharp Shooters and to the credit of U.S.S. there has been an significant rise in African-American Gun Clubs being formed all around the country.  And I for one say that this is a good thing, as it has been a long time coming.


Even more than that, I have to say that the President of the Urban Sharp Shooters and my Brother James McKoy has made continuous strides to further reach other African-Americans who shoot new and old to the Gun Game so that they could have a place to call home, identify with, fellowship with and share range and general shooting experience in an effort to bridge the gap that organizations such as the National Rifle Association N.R.A. simply cannot identify or build a bridge to reach for the N.R.A. DOES NOT and cannot speak to the needs of the African-American Shooter.


So, as I scan through my email and FaceBook feeds throughout the day I often get asked yet another common question:


“What are the benefits of joining or becoming an Urban Sharp Shooter?”


And when I see questions like these and other similar questions I tend to respond in the following manner:


“The benefit of becoming an Urban Sharp Shooter is that you have access to other Shooters that are just like you; of which have the same concerns, same motives, same like-mindedness and same interest. Moreover, when you join the Urban Sharp Shooters, you also obtain the opportunity to meet and greet Shooters from all over the globe – not just here in “The States”.  You can also engage in the exchange of ideas and most of all have access to train with great Firearm Educators within the Gun Game. “


Moreover, I say also say this for those that ask:


“Of course you get the opportunity to get the t-shirts, hats and hoodies but more than that you get the opportunity to network with other Shooters on and off the range in regards to training. This is one of the most fundamental things that many African-Americans and shooters in general lack.”


I would also like to inform you, the reading audience that the Urban Sharp Shooters is a SHOOTERS CLUB. What I mean by that is that the Urban Sharp Shooters is a Gun Club where they do more than “firearm safety classes and courses”; (blah,blah,blah that shit gets old!). The Urban Sharp Shooters is a Gun Club where its Club Member’s literally shoot the hell out of guns.


WORTHY OF NOTE: famous for their Mag dump videos that will put a smile of satisfaction upon your face and give you sense of self satisfaction!


The Urban Sharp Shooters will everything from .17 to 50. BMG, semi auto to full auto, magazine or drum, suppressed or not. For U.S.S. Club Members it just doesn’t matter. The Urban Sharp Shooters have something for anyone looking to become a Member.  Another thing that makes the U.S.S. special as it is the first African-American gun club for African-American Shooters that is comprised of Shooters from all walks of life.




That’s right; social and cultural diversity is one of the cornerstones of Urban Sharp Shooters. And did I tell you that every time U.S.S. comes to the range they shut the range down! Not in the negative sense but in the positive. U.S.S. is known to come to the range as member support each other as either as group or as a zip code LOL (I’m talking 30 plus deep in the range).

 Urban Sharp Shooters always roll deep


Some of the demographics of Shooters within U.S.S. range from Police, Military, Security, Private Military Contractors (PMC), Celebrities and prominent National Figures, instructors,  General Shooters, First Time Shooters, Female Shooters, Sport and Competition Shooters to the Gun Enthusiast all the way down to the Baby Mama (LOL). Yea, the Urban Sharp Shooters touches upon every single demographic that organizations like the N.R.A. either cannot reach for whatever reason or simply has castigated to the side and left to be seen as a permanent underclass in the Gun Game.



 Urban Sharp Shooters within the Military


But outside of all the perks and the glamour, the Urban Sharp Shooters is really about two things:


  • Community Service

  • Firearm Education and Training (F.E.A.T.)


I can’t say it enough Urban Sharp Shooters looks to not only shoot guns but the Urban Sharp Shooters looks to aid in helping the Community. What I mean when I say this is that the Urban Sharp Shooters aids the African American Community in that it provides not only a positive example of what a African-Americans with firearms should be but they provide the most important thing of all: EDUCATION.


As we used to say back in the day:


“A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” (United Negro College Fund – Ad Council)


This is where U.S.S.  really shines. The President (my brother) James McKoy is not only a avid Firearm Collector but his is also a Firearm Historian, especially as history pertains to People of Color in reference to firearm ownership. As President of U.S.S., James McKoy seeks out every opportunity to educate and inform African-American not only about the importance of defending themselves and the practical use of firearms for Self-Defense (SD). But he offers to U.S.S. Member's and people in general insight in how and why thing are structured in the Gun Game as they are. His whole goal is to keep people aware of what’s going on so that they can make informed decisions.

 Get your Urban Sharp Shooter Appearl NOW!!!!!


WORTHY OF NOTE: The Urban Sharp Shooters also has many ALL female Chapters across the country. If you are a female seeking to join Urban Sharp Shooter as a "Sister In Arms" see either James McKoy or Mahalia Lewis.


Another thing that U.S.S. does is aids African-Americans in the realm of Firearm Education and Training (FEAT). For those that do not know this is U.S.S. own proprietary in house training program. This is accomplished by the fact that U.S.S. actually “hooks” or “plugs” their Gun Club Members and the general public up with Firearm Education and Training from around the United States. This is where the magic begins.


I say this because no longer do African-American have to look to people who don’t look like them in order to obtain firearm training. And no longer does African-American have to put up with being “talked down to” and or looked down upon while pay crazy range and training fees, by those that may not have their best interests in mind in regards to Firearm Education and Training. I can guarantee you that there is no other African-American Gun Club that is providing this service.


Fore information on joining the Urban Sharp Shooters which is a international Gun Club please feel free to contact James Mckoy at: 202-904-0670. You can also find Urban Sharp Shooters on facebook at: "The Urban Sharp Shooters Gun Club". To send the Urban Sharp Shooters a message you may do so at




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