As you all know by now, that I am adamantly opposed to the NRA. Not because of what they stand for politically (which is bullshit - bribes and payoffs) but because their training methodologies. It is my professional consultative position that they are severely outdated or even a worse grotesquely antiquated. This is why I, VODA seek to bring you a different perspective when it comes to Gun-Fighting and firearm training and education applications.


So for those that are not familiar with my thought process. Here are at least three things that I look for when it comes to evaluating training material for practical everyday use for the civilian operator. The three things that I look for in a training regimen are as follows:






So many people with “X” amount of questions often ask me, “What do I you think should replace the current NRA training that's presently out on the market right now?” And my answer is simply: "Israeli Combat Point Shooting or ICPS." Aside from teaching people the basic gun handling and safety procedures that you can google; which is all the NRA actually does when it comes to training.


Israeli Combat Point Shooting (ICPS) on the other hand not only goes more in depth into weapon manipulation, but it also include a very diffrent prospective on weapon retention, instinctive shooting, extraction and drawing, empty hand techniques, holstering techniques and so much more.



The ICPS displays a great sense of robustness because it deals with the Shooters and Gun-Fighters gross motor skills as a posed to their fine motor skills. As the body goes into the "Flight or Fight" response,  the heartbeat raises to 150 plus b.p.m., tunnel vision comes into play, auditory exclusion also sets in and therefore fine motor skills go out the window.


More often than not when this occurs, panic starts to set in for most people. Many people will also experience "freezing" or some sort of cognitive and or physical "stalling" within the OODA Feedback Loop Cycle. This freezing occurs for several possible reasons.


The first could be because the victim has either not been trained to deal with the event they are facing. Or secondly, they have not had any experience in dealing with such traumatic experience. And lastly, they may have been trained but the training that they received did not include the incorporation of "stress".


The ICPS training methodology incorporates the use of stress to enhance the training of the individual for an actual Gun-Fighting Application. This is what make it very special, because without stress people will more likely than not be able to psychologically and physiologically deal with the stress of that happens to come with in a Gun-Fight.


This stress is produced within the body and manufactured from the Adrenal Cortex within the Adrenal Gland. And once this hormone is released into the blood stream of the Fighter, it really changes things as it becomes what I call a "biological deviation". The stress that is produced is a byproduct of the ICPS training and it will also show its affects on multiple biological systems within the body.

 Gun-fighter Unidentified



The ICPS Training platform is relevant because it allows for the use of real world training scenarios and tactics. Such relevant training would include anti-carjacking, anti-kidnapping, hostage, anti-terror and other kinds of "protective services". In engaging in this kind of training the conditions the Shooter and or the Gun-Fighting alike when using this platform will most likely respond in the most efficient and the most effective way to combat active threats within their environment.


The Training espoused by ICPS could be thought of as a sort of psychological and physiological priming. Meaning, that the training once conducted and administered properly gives the Shooter or the Gun-Fighter the "edge" needed to instinctively fight; as this "fighting edge" for lack of better terms becomes "inherited" through the conditioning process.


It is my experience that not only through empirical observation but through participant observation being I have been trained in the shooting and protecting methodologies of ICPS; that ICPS conditions the Shooter or the Gun-Fighter to actually "fight" regardless of the circumstances and or the conditions they may find themselves in.

caliber 3


Another thing that makes the ICPS methodology relevant is because of the fact that it relies heavily on the practical and not the tactical usage of the firearm. Again, it [ICPS] is centered around the use of gross motor skills. So with that being said, ICPS allows the Shooter or Gun-Fighter to engage bad guys in the most effective and most efficient way as possible.


What I mean by this is that their logic is as follows:


"The quickest way from point A to point B is a straight line."


This is not only true when this observation is measured but it is also true under the fact that the ICPS allows for the Shooter or Gun-Fighter to play a vital role in "direct action" in response to a bad guy.


Another way to think about it is as follows:


"Target up - Target down"


And to accomplish this task you must use whatever tools that are at your disposal. Which in this case we are highlighting the use of a firearm. Remember, I utilize an international lens when it comes observing training. So when you examine the ICPS platform in terms of Gun-Fighting you will see that its high degree of relevance is due to the violent circumstances that surround the State of Israel. I simply will not delude into politics here because my motto is:


"No politics just Gun-Fighting"


But even with that said, we cannot turn a blind eye to the existential threats that are harbored around The State of Israel because of its geographical location because it does play vital role as to why ICPS has been developed in the fashion that it is.



For the record I need you as a reader to do 3 things:


  • Forget what you're used to

  • Forget what you've been taught

  • Forget the training you got from the NRA (most important)


I say these three things because ICPS is very dynamic; for it focuses on Gun-Fighting mechanics and Gun-Fighting applications. What this means is that ICPS is focused on DYNAMIC MOVEMENT.

Nir Maman of

(very good trainer and coach)


That's right, no more just standing on a static range blasting at paper and it's not about simply running and gunning like you’re at some 3-Gun Competition. ICPS will make you observe cover, concealment, kneeling, supine, and prone positions, to include the urban prone and various other “odd positions”.


Even more than that ICPS will show you various unconventional ways of charging firearms as well as how to utilize a firearm as a blunt force weapon. Furthermore, ICPS will do something that many others will not - encourage you to deploy large strings of fire towards a hostile aggressor. I am not talking about what you see on YouTube, regarding these senseless mag dumping videos (unless you’re an Urban Sharp Shooter - those guys are good!) but outside of U.S.S. it's a no-go.


There are a few training entities I would recommend for training on the ICPS platform.







  • caliber 3



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