For those that know, I have always utilized the Center Axis Relock shooting platform. Unlike others it didn’t take Hollywood to make a film featuring the platform like John Wick for me to have deployed it in real life. And yes, I’m talking about these people who will jump on any bandwagon, dick hop, and or will ride anyone’s dick.


Not only have I actually been taught the Center Axis Relock platform but I have modified or "VODAfied" it, that’s what makes how I teach it so beautiful. Often times I receive comments in my inbox from people who criticize me for how I may grip a pistol as I transition from one shooting platform to the next. But when the hecklers do that, it only exposes their ignorance and intolerance to training that may contrast their own.

 Paul Castle Demonstrating the Center Axis Relock System


So, the Center Axis Relock system or C.A.R. System was developed by Paul castle who is now deceased as of 2011, like so many before him he succumb to cancer. Some quick background info: Paul Castle has served the "Crown". In addition, he also has humble beginnings as a “Peeler” or unarmed Bobby (British Police Officer), then he became a Police Captain.


From his time there he graduated to providing Executive Protection to Dignitaries and the Queen of England. While in the "States" he has provided training and consultation to Police agencies as well as the F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation).


SPECIAL NOTE: The first actual “Police” force was created by Harriott and Colquhoun in 1798 between the streets of Whitehall Place and Scotland Yard. These “Police” operated along the River Thames (London) to stop the theft of products, goods and property from West Indian Merchants that docked their ships at the port.


SPECIAL NOTE: The term “Bobby” was actually a nickname for the name “Robert” of Sir Robert Peel who introduced the concept of Police which replaced the “Watchmen” in London, England in 1829.


Even more than that he has also trained civilians alike. While doing all of this he recognized that there was a need to develop a system or shooting platform that addressed the needs of shooters in regards to Close Quarter Combat / Close Quarter Battle (CQC / CQB). What we needed was something that was actually bio-mechanically sound and worked in harmony with the Shooter. He also recognized that speed and efficiency was essential.

 Paul Castle Introducing the Center Axis Relock System


Furthermore, he also possessed the insight to identify the fact that Shooters desperately needed a platform that allowed them the flexibility to allow them to smoke check bad guys from not only from a standing and kneeling orientation but from a vehicular stand point as well. Another thing the Paul Castle recognized is that Shooters needed to be able to load and reload in the fastest time possible while being able to expend the maximum number of rounds in the most consistent manner possible. Many people underestimate the importance of the loading process.


With that being said, when loading a firearm you should always do it as if your life depends on it. This is not just a figure of speech but your life will literally depend on it. The number one issue that occurs with Shooters when reloading a firearm is fumbling, followed by extracting a spent magazine because when you do a lot of shooting it generates a lot of heat and the metal or polymer will expand. When this occurs there will be an increase in the likelihood of the magazine not falling free.


When these two shooting pathologies occur out of the multivariate types of shooting pathologies that could occur; they can significantly decreases one's Fight-Efficiency™. How does it decrease Fight-Efficiency™? It does so for two reasons: one, it interrupts the Cybernetic Feedback Processing that occurs.


Secondly, it increasing the time needed to operate the firearm thus decreasing the time it would take for you to smoke check a bad guy. Simply put, I rather spend 0.5 seconds pressing the trigger than I would using that same 0.5 seconds to reloading a magazine. RULE OF THUMB: Remember M.A.R.S..







Getting back to the C.A.R. System, it is also my position that during its creation I can surely bet that Paul Castle considered the fact that the system had to allow the Shooter to not only be able to identify, clear stoppages and remedy malfunctions on the fly but the system had to also allow the Shooter to have the ability to retain the weapon with relative ease. With all that set to the side one of the biggest latent functions rendered by the C.A.R. System was that the C.A.R. System allowed the Shooter to create distance between the Shooter and the bad guy - even in CQC / CQB events.


This was a positive latent function yielded by using the C.A.R. System in which it organically creates distance between the Shooter and the bad guy. In doing so it [C.A.R.] allowed for a slightly longer "reactionary gap" between the "Problem, Action, Solution", Input / Output, or the OODA Feedback Loop.


Thus, buying more time for the Operator of the weapon system which is invaluable during close quarter work. With Paul Castle achieving all of this and so much more, he has allowed me and others to acquire yet another set of tools to put into our toolboxes. As you guessed it; all of this and more plays a vital role in significantly increasing the Shooters or Gun-Fighters Fight-Efficiency™.

 Jeff Johnsgaard Demonstrating the Center Axis Relock System


Being taught the Center Axis Relock system a long time ago (when I was young lol), I was able to modify it or "VODAify" it so that it was able to meet and exceed the needs of not only myself but the Clients that I serve. Why did I modify it? Because as a Firearms Education and Training Consultant I too like Paul saw a need within the Gun Game that needed to be fulfilled. But we are not here to talk about me we are to talk about Paul. And I’m not here to provide information on the various methods of firing / non-firing positions nor the stance of the C.A.R. system.


I need you to remember that the Gun Game is to be sold not told. So with that being said either enroll in someone’s class or enroll in a VODA Session to learn and apply the C.A.R. System. However, when it comes to the applied use of the C.A.R. shooting platform as it relates to my first hand shooting experience all I have to say that is has served me very well.


But even more than serving my firing needs, deploying the C.A.R. System in a real world context, I can say that it truly is bio-mechanically sound. For me it just "felt natural". Another thing I recognized is that while deploying the system I had the ability to really engage and disengage faster than I would if I was to utilize more "traditional" methods. My Fight-Efficiency™ was significantly increased during my CQC engagements. What I mean by this is that the C.A.R. System allowed me to be more fluid mechanically wise in contrast to other platforms were I’m a little more "rigid" for lack of better terms.

Jeff Johnsgaard of


For those of you that are looking to obtain training and or coaching in regards to Paul Castle's Center Axis Relock System, I’m quite sure you can always enroll in a class at Saber Tactical ( or with Jeff Johnsgaard himself at Natural Tactical ( I must also say even though I have never met Jeff Johnsgaard, I can tell by watching him via video that he is not only a fine representation but he presents a fine demonstration of how the C.A.R. System should be used and how the C.A.R. System should be applied. Trust VODA, its clean.


There are other C.A.R. instructors that are also located on the Saber Tactical website so feel free to contact them and enroll in a class. If you wish to obtain the "VODAfied" perspective in regards to the Center Axis Relock shooting platform feel free to contact me at VODA Consulting / VODA Inc. at or simply call 910-604-6986 to book a session.



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