ANALYSIS: NRA (Corporate Power)+STATE=Fascism

Fascism, what is it? Where does it come from? And even more importantly, what does it have to do with the National Rifle Association (NRA). Well from the looks of it everything. As a Social Scientist I have been watching this organization for quite some time. When I first sought out to understand the NRA and what they were all about I had no idea what I was in for. Even more than that I had no idea exactly how deep the "Rabbit Hole" actually went when it came to the NRA.


The reason as to why I have come to the conclusion that the NRA operates on a system of Fascism is because there has been a compete merger of state and corporate powers. Although there are other organizations such as "The Second Amendment Foundation" and “USCCA” (United States Conceal Carry Association) that serve as alternative and in some cases outright rival, for lack of better words the NRA.


But if you ask the average Shooter about them [The Second Amendment Foundation] they could tell you nothing about them and their track record of success for defending people that have had their second amendment rights violated. Likewise if you would take the time out ask the average person about the USCCA, they couldn’t tell you anything, despite the USCCA having a good training program.

Fascism, made popular by Benito Mussolini, is an idea that is diametrically opposed to the concepts of liberty and choice. These are the two things the founders of the United States warned against. However, when you examine the symbol of Fascism, it consists of a bundle of sticks wrapped together with a hatchet or axe (you can find this symbol on the back of a Dime $0.10).


What this symbol means in relative terms is that the Elite Leaders have come together and have been bound together by contract for common interest and the axe can be interpreted as a show of force or the willingness to use force to obtain the goals of the contract that unifies all the Elite Leaders. And force is exactly what the NRA uses, only that the kind of force that they expel comes in the form of media and propaganda.


This kind of indirect fighting and conflict is known as "Psychological Warfare". In a nutshell Psychological Warfare is warfare that is premeditated and purposely executed to prime, create a reaction, induce or sway public opinion in one direction or another to the favor of the operational goals in the form of propaganda. In order to accomplish this, organizations such as the NRA will rely heavily on manipulating the norms, values, beliefs, logic (or lack thereof), emotional (insecurities) and behavioral aspects of the targeted population.


Could there be any coincidence in the correlation that the NRA specifically targets Conservative Candidates and key political figures in key places of power in order to ensure that firearm manufactures are able to mass produce weapon systems with no sense of responsibility outside of the Law (gun locks and "firearm safety"). But we all know or at least you should know that they true firearm safety comes not from the use of locking devices but from the minds of the owners of the weapon systems themselves. Firearm safety in the form of gun locks and safes are secondary forms of security - not safety itself.

The Politics and Power of the NRA | FRONTLINE


Going back to the topic of Psychological Warfare it has been my experience that the NRA engages in the practice of demoralization. These acts can be seen in the public domain in regards to the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. The NRA has in fact engaged in acts of Demoralization and the circulation of false flag events through is media outlets. When it comes to demoralization, the NRA engages in the use of drawings of either President Obama or other people that may not necessarily adhere to the views and political positions of the NRA.


In terms of false flag events the NRA would frequently publish articles in which they accused President Obama of "coming to take your guns". Which we know if absolutely false for tow reasons one, Obama didn’t take anyone’s guns, in fact because of the reposting of a false flag event gun sales actually went through the roof. Accusations such as these have also appeared on various media outlets to manipulate public opinion. But even more impotently, Wayne LaPierre made the following statement and can be found in the link after the quote highlighted by William M. Welch of USA TODAY in an article entitled "NRA says Obama doesn't understand gun owners":


"He wants to put every private, personal firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government, and he wants to keep all those names in a massive federal registry,''


Now this is nothing more than an outright lie. Why is it a lie? Because according to in an article written by Eugene Kiely states:


"Section 103(i) of the Brady Act specifically bars federal agencies from retaining “any record or portion thereof generated by the [NICS] system,” and it prohibits the “registration of firearms, firearm owners, or firearm transactions” of those who pass the background check."


The NRA, is a 501c4 that is comprised of 3, 501c3’s have become so intertwined with the State as a Corporation that, it has effectively shut out other organizations such as the Second Amendment Foundation and even the US Conceal Carry Association from even being able to compete for recognition from the State as a suitable form of training as a perquisite for one to teach and certify people for conceal carry.


This should seem odd, and anyone with a half of brain should ask being asking themselves who at their State are in bed with the NRA? Even more than that, you should also be asking yourself the following question: "What are they getting in return?” Remember as the Great Milton Friedman once said: "there is no such thing as a free lunch."


Anytime you have a totalitarian, one party government or in this case a one absolute leadership structure that only adheres to one perspective that is merged with the State then you have in fact Fascism. Don’t take my word for it, look at every states law regarding who can be a State Certified Instructor, look at every firearm manufacture, manufacture of firearm accessories, gun stores, and other firearm related material and media outlets on the books and you find the NRA has a hand in every one of them.


For six years, I have yet to find any states that will go against the grain of the NRA even when their is a more efficient and more productive form training that is more inline or more relative to Consumers. When it comes to the scope of this entry, I would like to introduce you to some key sociological concepts that describes some of the actions taken by the NRA as an Political Institution.



This is important because when any organization that holds the power that the NRA holds there should be a system of checks and balances put in place to ensure that the organization does not become tyrannical to not only to the people it represents but to other people external to the organization.


  • Group think

  • Power

  • Social Conformity

  • Collective Behavior

  • Cultural Relativism

  • Prohibits contrary training


Detractors of the NRA, however, assert that the organization has evolved into a proponent for the gun industry that is more focused on championing policies to increase gun sales than on advocating policies that its membership supports.


"The NRA has become increasingly involved in the U.S. political process. In 2012, 261 Congressional Candidates received donations from the NRA and 90% of those were Republicans. More than 80% of the Candidates who received funding from the NRA won their House or Senate races."

“How the NRA Exerts Influence over Congress,” Washington Post, Jan. 15, 2013


"NRA lobbyists help pass legislation that in turn increases gun sales, which raises more money for the NRA. Bloomberg Businessweek reports that annual rifle production in the US increased 38% since the NRA helped end the federal assault weapons ban in 2004. In 2005, the NRA helped pass a law that limited the liability of gun makers."

Peter Robison and John Crewdon, “NRA Raises $200 Million as Gun Lobby Toasters Burn Logo on Bread,” Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 22, 2012


The foundation awarded $25.1 million in grants in 2013, $13 million of which went to the NRA. Local grant recipients included 4-H organizations, shooting clubs, and university rifle teams. Some recipients are told that they must spend the grant money through an online store run by the NRA Foundation. Four recipients interviewed by Bloomberg News alleged that they received less money than the foundation reported on its tax forms.


“Representatives of four grant recipients said in interviews that they received lower amounts of grants in 2010 than the NRA Foundation reported giving them. The foundation reported a grant of $25,829 to the Whitney Rifle Club in Albemarle, North Carolina, on its 2010 tax return."


"Mike McSwain, Whitney’s president, said in a telephone interview that the club had received $12,093."


"The NRA told the IRS it gave $20,347 to Morganton, North Carolina, city officials to support youth programs. The city says it received $8,412, a difference of $11,935."


"Oklahoma State University... received $107,758 from the NRA Foundation during 2010, according to documents the university provided to Bloomberg News under its state open records law. The NRA Foundation told the IRS it gave OSU $125,778, a difference of $18,020..."


"Tom Slaughter, president of Arizona Outdoor Sports Inc. in Mesa, Arizona, said his group got $5,000 worth of ammunition for clay-target shooting last year from the NRA Foundation. The foundation reported giving Slaughter’s group a $1,135 cash grant and $10,105 in non-cash assistance for ‘program materials.’”"


"Peter Robison and John Crewdon, “NRA Raises $200 Million as Gun Lobby Toasters Burn Logo on Bread,” Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 22, 2012"


"The NRA is financially connected to gun makers and retailers, and all parties have an interest in impacting legislation related to guns. The NRA is heavily involved in politics and tends to back Republican candidates, who share its views on issues such as background checks and limits to magazines."

Question: Who Funds the NRA? Jeffrey Hendricks, and Tracey DeFrancesco


"Read the bios in your ballot and you'll see that almost all were nominated by the nominating committee," complained "Pecos Bill" from Illinois last January in one pro-gun-rights forum. "Seems the NRA, fine organization that it is, is being run like a modern corporation and the 'good ol' boys' are keeping themselves in power."



(due to a lapse in time list may not be updated)

  • Grover Norquist - The president of Americans for Tax Reform is an NRA Life Member and a member of the Fifty Caliber Shooters Association. After Newtown, he echoed the NRA's line: "We have got to calm down and not take tragedies like this, crimes like this, and use them for political purposes."

  • J. William "Bill" Carter - Carter is a retired Border Patrol agent whose record was cited in a 1994 New York Times investigation into "the agency's historic failure to hold managers accountable for egregious wrongdoing." He is the son of former NRA executive vice president Harlon Carter, who helped set the organization on its current hardline course and who, as a teenager, shot and killed a 15-year-old boy in Laredo, Texas.

  • Larry Craig - The former Idaho senator sponsored a 2005 law protecting gun makers from liability in connection with their products being used by criminals. He is the longest-serving member of the NRA board.

  • Mercedes Viana Schlapp - Schlapp, a new board member, is a former Bush administration spokeswoman. She runs a Virginia public-affairs firm with her husband, Matthew, who is a former Koch Industries vice president and the current chairman of the American Conservative Union.

  • H. Joaquin Jackson - Jackson is a retired 27-year veteran of the Texas Rangers. His son Don Joaquin is currently serving a 48-year prison sentence for his involvement in a double homicide. In his memoir, One Ranger, Jackson quotes his son's partner in crime, who said he had committed the murder because he was "drunk and the gun was available.

  • Oliver North - "I love speaking out for the NRA in large part because it drives the left a little bit nuts," says the Iran-Contra conspirator turned conservative pundit, who was once better known for invoking the Fifth Amendment rather than the Second.

  • Karl Malone - In 2010, the retired NBA player upset some gun fans when he penned a column for Sports Illustrated in which he opined, "The big picture is that guns won't protect you. If someone really wanted to get you, they would…For you to say you need a gun for your protection? My goodness gracious, how are you living that you need that?"

  • Patricia Clark - A record-holding shooter, Clark has been on the NRA board since 1999 and is the head of the NRA's nominating committee, which helps pick the majority of board members. She lived in Newtown, Connecticut, at the time of the 2012 school massacre there.

  • Ronnie G. Barrett - Barrett is the founder of Barrett Firearms Manufacturing and the inventor of the .50 sniper rifle, which can penetrate armor from more than 4,500 feet and is legal for civilian purchase in 49 states.



(and you ain’t in it)

(due to a lapse in time list may not be updated)

  • Marion Hammer - Hammer, a former NRA president, helped craft and implement Florida's Stand Your Ground law, which provided a model for similar self-defense laws in 24 other states.

  • David Keene - He is the former president of the NRA and the former chairman of the American Conservative Union. In 2003, his son was sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting at another driver during a road rage incident.

  • Carl T. Rowan Jr. - Rowan was formerly a cop, an FBI agent, and the vice president of the private security firm Securitas. He is the son of columnist Carl Rowan Sr., who once caught a teenager swimming in his backyard pool and wounded him with an unlicensed handgun.

  • R. Lee "The Gunny" Ermey - This former Marine gunnery sergeant turned actor is best known for his turn as a drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket (who is gunned down by a suicidal recruit). He's also a spokesman for Glock. [I actually like him]

  • Robert K. Brown - The former Special Forces soldier and big-game hunter is the founder and publisher of Soldier of Fortune, which was sued in the late '80s for running want ads for mercenaries and guns for hire.

  • Roy Innis - He's the head of the Congress of Racial Equality, a civil rights organization that's morphed as a climate-denying Astroturf outfit. While representing the United States at a UN arms conference in 2001, Innis explained, "The Rwanda genocide would not have happened if the Tutsis had had even one or two pistols to fight back with." [true statement]





















Joe M. Allbaugh

William H. Allen

Dr. Thomas P. Arvas

Scott L. Bach

William A. Bachenberg

Frank E. Bachhuber Jr.

M. Carol Bambery

Former Rep. Bob Barr

Ronnie G. Barrett

State Rep. Clel Baudler

Dr. David E. Bennett

J. Kenneth Blackwell

Former Gov. Matt Blunt

Dan Boren

Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.)

Pete Brownell

Dave Butz

Chief J. William "Bill" Carter

Cmdr. Ted W. Carter, USN (Ret.)

Richard Childress

Patricia A. Clark

Allan D. Cors

Charles L. Cotton

Prof. David G. Coy

Former Sen. Larry E. Craig

John L. Cushman

William H. Dailey

Joseph P. Debergalis Jr.

Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee "The Gunny" Ermey, USMC (Ret.)

Edie P. Fleeman

Joel Friedman

Sandra S. Froman

James S. Gilmore III

Marion P. Hammer

Maria Heil

Graham Hill

Stephen D. Hornady

Susan Howard

Roy Innis

Sgt. H. Joaquin Jackson, Texas Ranger (Ret.)

Curtis S. Jenkins

David A. Keene

Tom King

Timothy Knight

Herbert A. "Herb" Lanford, Jr.

Karl A. Malone

Sean Maloney

Carolyn Dodgen Meadows

Bill Miller

Owen Buz Mills

Grover G. Norquist

Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, USMC (Ret.)

Robert "Bob" Nosler

State Sen. Johnny Nugent

Ted Nugent

Detective Lance Olson

James W. Porter, II

Josh Powell

Sheriff Peter "Jay" Printz

Todd J. Rathner

Col. Wayne Anthony Ross

Carl T. Rowan Jr.

Dr. Don Saba

Robert E. Sanders

Col. William H. Satterfield, USAR (Ret.)

Mercedes Viana Schlapp

Ronald L. Schmeits

Steven C. Schreiner

Tom Selleck

Capt. John C. Sigler (Ret.)

Lt. Gen. General Leroy Sisco (Ret.)

Dwight D. Van Horn

Linda Walker

Lt. Cmdr. Howard J. "Walt" Walter, USN (Ret.)

Robert J. Wos

Rep. Don E. Young


  • 87 percent are men. 93 percent are white.

  • 25 percent are current or former federal, state, or local lawmakers or officials.

  • 22 percent are current or former law enforcement officers. 30 percent are current or former members of the military.

  • 24 percent are lawyers.

  • 12 percent are entertainers or athletes.

  • 64 percent are hunters. 71 percent are sport or competitive shooters.

  • At least 71 percent were nominated, endorsed, or selected by the NRA's Nominating Committee.


The Rabbit Hole runs so deep that I simply do not have the time to produce a more comprehensive article in regards to this subject matter. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me at









  • “How the NRA Exerts Influence over Congress,” Washington Post, Jan. 15, 2013

  • “NRA Raises $200 Million as Gun Lobby Toasters Burn Logo on Bread,” Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 22, 2012

  • Peter Robison and John Crewdon, “NRA Raises $200 Million as Gun Lobby Toasters Burn Logo on Bread,” Bloomberg Businessweek, Jan. 22, 2012





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