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The Gunfighter's THINK TANK is a digital source pertaining to thought for all aspects of Gun-Fighting as it pertains to Personal Protection and Self-Defense (SD). I professionally make it a point go beyond the conventional means of firearm training so that you may have the necessary tools to overcome Aggressors. When Teaching, Lecturing and Educating I like to utilize the "Bloom’s Taxonomy" which was created by Benjamin Bloom, whom of which:


“Was an American educational psychologist who made contributions to the classification of educational objectives and to the theory of mastery learning.”


I like to utilize the Bloom’s Taxonomy because it’s a High Order Thinking Strategy (HOTS) that prides itself on efficiency, the robust exchange of knowledge/information and retaining the knowledge/information once obtained/transferred. Even more than that, the Bloom’s Taxonomy is founded on the notion that the ongoing practice of learning demands more cognition processing in order to yield superior benefits to the Learner. I encourage the combined use of both the cognitive principals of the original and modified versions of Bloom’s Taxonomy.

The original Bloom's Taxonomy (left) and the modified Bloom's Taxonomy (right) consist of the following: 

It is my position that many firearm owners fall and stay within the lowest levels of firearm ownership (Knowledge & Remembering). Consequently, they tend to never reach the upper levels of Bloom's Taxonomy which consist of:


“Comprehension (Understanding), Application (Apply), Analysis (Analyze), Synthesis (Evaluate), Evaluation (Create).”


This is very problematic because if firearm owners fail to reach (HOTS) or a higher level of cognition, in conjunction with owning and operating a firearm, it does nothing but ripens the conditions for various Shooting Pathologies to occur. Such pathologies are Negative discharges (ND), Unintentional Discharges (UD), the reinforcement of negative stereotypes, bad shoots, Cognitive Biases (skewed judgement and thinking), faulty logic and reasoning, cognitive dissonance and multitude of various psychosocial issues (thought and behavioral issues). 

This sets the firearm owner up for failure in making the critical decisions needed in order for them to use a gun for Personal Protection and or Self-Defense (SD). When this occurs, it significantly increases the chances of them places themselves in jeopardy and at the mercy of with Law Enforcement. This is ironic because Law-Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System as a whole is anything but merciful.

“Not knowing is not excuse for breaking the Law.”


Sound familiar?


This has a negative impact on the families, friends of Gun Owners and ultimately the community at large. The lack of implementing HOTS prohibits the growth and development of the Gun Owners physical, emotional, social, and cognitive maturity needed to acquire and retain the knowledge required to keep them safe, alive while utilizing a firearm for Personal Protection and or Self-Defense Applications.


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